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Maori Affairs Committee report on the
Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill

9 February 2011

The Maori Affairs Committee reported back to parliament yesterday on the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill, two weeks before the report was due, and recommended by a majority of one that it be passed without amendment. The report is available on the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill page in the 'government documents' section.

The 59 page report begins with a single page which has the recommendation and an outline of some issues raised and possible amendments; pages 3 to 6 outline the Labour Party's views on why the Bill should not proceed; pages 6 to 7 have a brief outline of the Green Party's position, that they are opposed to the legislation in its entirety; and pages 7 to 9 have the views of the Act Party which also opposes the Bill.

Both Labour and Act also outline the process of final consideration of the Bill - pointing out that the 500 page departmental report on submissions was only provided to Committee members on Monday, 7 February, and first seen by Labour Party Committee members on Tuesday, 8 February, although Act Party members seem to have received it last Friday. It was then debated by the Committee for two hours on Tuesday, 8 February.

Page 10 has Appendix A, a brief outline of Committee procedure, and the bulk of the report comprises Appendix B, which is a forty-eight page extract from the Ministry of Justice's report on the Bill.

According to media reports this morning, the Attorney General Chris Finlayson has said he will amend the Bill so that any title recognised will be done through legislation rather than regulation to " dispel any concerns about future Governments doing shoddy deals" - see, for example, 'Shoddy' seabed deals thwarted, Audrey Young , 10 February 2011 and Govt to address fears of 'shoddy' customary title deals, Radio NZ, 9 February 2011.

Metiria Turei, Green Party Co-Leader, has described the Select Committee process around the Bill as a farce, saying: "National and Maori Party MPs blocked the other select committee members from making any changes or even considering the 500-page departmental report on the bill." - Coastal select committee process a farce, Waatea, 9 February 2011.

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