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Te Ope Mana a Tai to bring Iwi and Pakeha together

10 March 2004

Te Ope Mana a Tai, a representative group of Iwi from throughout New Zealand, is calling a Hui in Auckland this Saturday, for Iwi and Pakeha, to discuss the findings and recommendations in the Waitangi Tribunals Foreshore and Seabed Report.

The Hui, to be held at the Auckland University marae, "will provide an important forum for informed discussion and debate on the Report, something that has been greatly missing from much of the commentary to date" says Matiu Rei, Chairperson of Te Ope Mana a Tai.

Margaret Mutu, Chairperson of Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngati Kahu, said that the Hui is open to all New Zealanders. "There can be little doubt that the foreshore and seabed issue is one of great constitutional significance. Proper debate can only occur once we are all informed and this Hui is one such opportunity for people to gain access to reliable and accurate information." Te Ope Mana a Tai’s interpretation of the foreshore and seabed proposal is supported by the Report. "The Tribunal Report clearly states that little is being provided to Maori under the governments proposal but much is being taken away" said Dr Margaret Mutu from Auckland today.

" The government’s poor handling of this issue to date has created an environment where the inflammatory statements made by Don Brash continue to fester. Brash’s statements are high on rhetoric but low on substance, failing to heal the widening rift between liberal Pakeha and moderate Maori on the one hand and extremists on the other," said Matiu Rei. " We expect that positive solutions that actually provide win-win results for Maori and Pakeha will come out from the Hui on Saturday."

Te Ope Mana a Tai Media Release

The Te Ope Mana A Tai Hui will be held at Waipapa Marae, Auckland University, Saturday 13 March, starting at 9am.

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