Paper Hammers for Peace

may be used in the womenís court appearances, media work, speaking tours ... they may find their way on board nuclear armed submarines ... onto nuclear weapons convoys ... into nuclear weapons bases ...

To Rachel, Rosie, Helen, Janet and Louise - I / we support your peaceful actions to disarm Britainís Trident nuclear weapons system.

Write your message of support, your name, town and country inside the hammer so the women can cut around it if they choose; fax this sheet to + 44 1274 414413 (+ = 00 if sending from Aotearoa); or airmail post directly to Aldermaston Women Trash Trident, 20 Tennyson Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2GW, England; or post to PMA and we will forward it for you. Your hammer/s should arrive before the womenís next court appearance on 27 April 1999.

Paper Hammers for Peace was initiated by Peace Movement Aotearoa on International Womenís Day, 8 March 1999 - celebrating womenís work for peace around the world !

PMA, PO Box 9314, Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand. Tel + 64 4 382 8129, fax 382 8173,,

Click here to view and print off the hammer graphic.