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Letter to The Editor

17 September 2001

The Editor,
NZ Herald,

Dear Editor,

It feels as though we are perching on the edge of a bottomless chasm into which who knows how many thousands/millions of innocent people could be hurled, possibly along with our civilization. So whilst there is still time let's acknowledge some things.

Let's acknowledge that responding to violence with violence, does not extinguish it. If it did, we would have had peace long ago.

Let's acknowledge that if we wish to call ourselves 'civilized' then we have to do the hard thing and respond to this appalling situation in a 'civilized' way. That means using the rule of law not the rule of force.

Let's acknowledge that bombing Afghanistan back to an earlier stone age than it already lives in will kill many innocent and already suffering people and won't bring back one of the victims of last week's attacks.

Let's acknowledge that those inhumane and merciless acts were acts of revenge, as well as provocation, for events in Iraq, in Palestine and beyond.

Let's acknowledge that responding with violence is probably precisely what the terrorists wanted. That way they get to polarise and divide the world, that way they may get the Holy War they apparently want.

Who wants to give them what they want?


Marion Hancock (Co-ordinator),
Peace Foundation. tm

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