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Supporting the hikoi wherever you are

  • Sign the Pakeha / Tauiwi Statement
  • Sign on to the Pakeha / Tauiwi statement on the foreshore and seabed legislation - it is available here; together with information about how you can sign, and how you can circulate it for others to sign. The statement will be posted to all Labour, Progressive Coalition, and NZ First Members of Parliament to arrive on the day the hikoi begins.

  • Make your own statement or media release
  • Organise any group or organisation you are part of - union, youth, church, university, peace, social justice, professional, community - to put out a statement or media release opposing the legislation, and supporting the hikoi. If you would like more information or other assistance to do that, please contact us on email or tel (04) 382 8129.

    Please send a copy of any statement or media release from your organisation to email we will add it to the Support the hikoi media releases page and to the media releases section of the Foreshore and seabed information page.

  • Join the hikoi
  • Everyone who is supportive of the kaupapa is welcome to join the hikoi, for all or part of the journey. The schedules are available here. If you are joining the hikoi, you will need to be as self-sufficient as possible - bring your own bedding, towel, personal items, any medication you need, warm clothing, and so on. Please make your own transport and accommodation arrangements as first priority for these will be given to kaumatua.

  • Bring banners and placards
  • Please bring your organisation or group banner with you, and other banners and placards which promote and support the kaupapa of the hikoi.

    Some ideas for wording are: Honour the Treaty; No raupatu in our time; No Treaty breaches on the beaches; No human rights breaches on the beaches; Raupatu is SO nineteenth century; Foreshore legislation - unfair, unjust and unnecessary; Pakeha say NO to the confiscation legislation; Foreshore legislation = outright theft; Negotiation not expropriation ...

    [You could use the word 'confiscation' instead of 'raupatu' if you wish; and non-Maori, or Tauiwi, instead of (or together with) Pakeha - whatever wording you prefer to make it clear that opposition to the legislation is not only coming from Maori.]

  • Pakeha / Tauiwi 'support the hikoi' contact details
  • 'Support the hikoi' contact details are available here. If you wish to add your, or your group's, contact details so people in your area can get in touch with each other - for example to car pool on the hikoi, or to work together on a solidarity action or event - please send them to email or tel (04) 382 8129. If you want to get in touch with others for something specific, ie to offer or ask for a lift, please include that in your message.

  • Organise a Solidarity Action
  • If you are not able to take part in the hikoi, it would be great if you could organise a solidarity action, in keeping with the kaupapa, in your town or city on 5 May. Details of solidarity actions are listed here - to have your event listed, please send the details to email. The more actions listed there the better - the purpose of these web pages is to show that Pakeha / Tauiwi DO support the hikoi and the kaupapa.

    Ideas for solidarity actions include those challenging the government and mainstream media deceptions about the foreshore and seabed - see Tell The Truth - Reveal All! for more information on an excellent protest on this theme.

    Another would be to highlight the absurdity of the government’s ‘open access for all’ principle - if you live near the coast, you could organise an action outside your local private marina, port company ... anywhere ‘open access’ is blocked. Have props with you - fishing rods, surfboards, beach balls; dress in your beach or diving gear ... and banners saying why you are there. Support the kaupapa and make your point in a fun way!

    And you don’t need to wait until 5 May to organise an action, you could begin now and have one or more as a way of publicising what you are going to do on 5 May.

  • Related meetings and events
  • As well as solidarity actions, you could organise meetings or events related to the foreshore and seabed legislation, or in support of the hikoi. Related meetings and events are listed here - to have your event listed, please send the details to email. As we said before, the more events listed there the better to show visible Pakeha / Tauiwi support for the hikoi and the kaupapa.

  • Make your views known in the mainstream media
  • The days prior to, during, and after the hikoi will be a particularly useful time to focus on getting your opposition to the foreshore and seabed legislation, and support for the hikoi, reflected in the mainstream media. Send Letters to the Editor of your local paper and the nationally distributed print media (contact details below), speak on talk-back radio, send out press releases ... whatever. If you can send a copy of anything you write, whether published or not, to email we will add it to the Support the hikoi media releases page and to the media releases section of the Foreshore and seabed information page.

    Contact details for ‘Letters to the Editor’ of nationally distributed print media are: Otago Daily Times, email, or fax (03) 474 7422; Christchurch Press, email, or fax (03) 364 8492; The Dominion Post, email, or fax (04) 474 0257; New Zealand Herald, on-line, or email, or fax (09) 373 6434; Sunday Star Times, email, or fax (09) 309 0258; and Listener, email, or fax (09) 360 3831.

  • Financial support
  • If you are able to make a donation to help with the costs of the hikoi, that would be much appreciated. All funds for the hikoi will be given to the organisers on the day the hikoi arrives in Wellington, or earlier if required. Please send your cheque (made payable to ‘PMA Special Projects’) to Peace Movement Aotearoa (PMA), PO Box 9314, Wellington together with a note stating it is for the hikoi, and with your name and address. A receipt will be sent for all donations.

    Supporting the hikoi along the way

    If you live in one of the towns or cities along the route of the hikoi, you are welcome to be there with your banners and messages of support as the hikoi arrives, and to march with it. The hikoi schedules are available here.

    Supporting the hikoi in Wellington

    Where you can get more information

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