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Media release
Day on the beach ...

29 April 2004

As the North Island Hikoi gathers strength, a group of Pakeha Nelsonians are planning their own walk in the city this weekend in protest at the government’s proposed seabed and foreshore bill.

Walking from the market in Montgomery Square to Tahunanui beach, the group hope to attract more locals who are keen to honour Te Tiriti and support justice and fair process for all in New Zealand.

Spokesperson Anne FitzSimon said: "Our aim is to highlight the injustices served to Maori and to do what we can to prevent the same happening in our time."

This local protest began last week when the group re-enacted a symbolic ‘theft’ of sand from Tahunanui beach. This was designed to highlight previous thefts of land from Maori. The sand the group took has been bagged this week and distributed to outlets in the town.

The group will also be at the market on Saturday complete with a wheelbarrow filled with sand to hand out to supporters of the cause.

Anne went on: "On Saturday we are going to return the sand to it’s rightful place. We will be walking from the market to the beach by way of Days track. We hope many people will join us. The plan is that this will be a family affair".

The group are leaving the market at 1pm on Saturday May 1st, arriving at Tahunaui beach where there will be a simple ceremony to return the sand to the beach at 3pm. Those not able to walk the track are welcome to join the group at the beach.

Being Pakeha Media Release

Information for News Editors – Some members of the group are also heading to Wellington for the Hikoi. They will be available for interview at the walk.

For more information please contact Anne FitzSimon email, tel (03) 539 0527 or 021 1123 890; or Claire Nichols on (03) 547 2511.

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