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Lines in the Sand

Directed by Carol Archie, produced and presented by Hinewehi Mohi

Lines in the Sand

"To draw a line in the sand is to establish a limit beyond which things are unacceptable. When I sang the national anthem in Maori at an international rugby game in 1999, some New Zealanders considered that I’d crossed that line and moved into an area society could not tolerate. As I look back on what was a painful personal experience of crossing the line I am very keen to explore other key ‘cultural’ lines in the sand. I want to make sense of what it means to test majority opinion and the dynamics of how society changes its views. In this documentary I look at similar challenges made by other New Zealanders and how they’ve influenced attitudes in this country. This is my journey, my individual perspective on those events." - Hinewehi Mohi

Among those interviewed are: Linda Smith, Naida Glavish, Mike Mohi, Ranginui Walker, Tipene O'Regan, John Hart, Tane Randell, Tariana Turia, Pita Sharples, David Slack, Paul Spoonley, Paul Bushnell, Leigh Gibbs, Emma Wooster, Jim Hutchinson, and Don Brash.

'Lines in the Sand' first screened on Maori Television at 8.30pm, Saturday 25th September 2010. A copy of 'Lines in the Sand' is available from Peace Movement Aotearoa for personal / educational non-commercial use, please contact us if you would like to borrow it.

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