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Alert! Nuclear Tests - Pakistan and India

16 May 2000

Kia ora,

we have been forwarded the following newpaper article from South Asians Against Nukes, which indicates that both Pakistan and India may be about to detonate nuclear weapons tests. This alert is in three parts : 1) the article from The Hindu; 2) who you can contact with your views about these nuclear weapons tests; 3) where you can get more information.

The Hindu, News Update 20.00 hrs, May 15 2000

Pakistan Ready For Another N-test At Chagai: Newspaper

Islamabad, May 15. (UNI): Pakistan is believed to have made all preparations to carry out its seventh nuclear test in Chagai.

Islamabad-based English daily, The Pakistan Observer said that the preparations come in the wake of Intelligence reports that ``India is all set for hydrogen bomb explosion in Pokhran very soon.''

According to the paper, Pakistan will then sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). By signing it, Pakistan will neutralise the world reaction over the bomb explosion, the paper said.

Quoting diplomatic sources in Islamabad, the paper said ``some spy satellites operating in the region had also picked up pictures showing both India and Pakistan's preparations in this regard.''

Pakistan's seventh nuclear test will be plutonium-based instead of enriched uranium. The 1998 Chagai blast was based on uranium. About 20 kg of uranium is required for one device whereas only six kg plutonium is needed for preparing the device, the paper said.

Who you can contact with your views about this :

  • Pakistan - High Commissioner - Mr Khawar Zaman, 4 Timbarra Cres, O'Malley, Canberra, ACT 2606, Australia. Tel + 61 2 6290 1676, fax + 61 2 6290 1073.

  • India - High Commissioner - Mr Kipgen, P0 Box 4045, Wellington. tel (04) 473 6390, fax (04) 499 0665.

For more information on nuclear weapons tests, you can check out the information on PMA's website, the nuclear testing index page is at

Link to PMA's index page on nuclear tests.

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