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2009 Local Peace Grants
Quaker Peace and Service

Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa / New Zealand invites applications for grants of up to $500 to assist with non-violent local peace work anywhere within Aotearoa New Zealand.

    - applicants need not be Quakers;

    - preference is given to work which is new and/or innovative in content - a one-off occasion (constructing a mobile peace stall; printing/ advertising; inter-faith peace conference; peace/green fair; non-violence training day) or for a longer project (eg. restorative justice; a new organisation).

The deadlines for applications this year are 30 April and 31 October, with grants being decided in May and November.

Application forms and enquiries to: Local Peace Grants, QPSANZ, Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, 72 Cresswell Avenue, Christchurch 8061, by email, or from the Quaker Peace and Service web page - the flier advertising the Local Peace Grants is available here with the application form available here.

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