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Steven Wallace murder trial to be in Wellington

17 September 2002

Constable Keith Abbott will go on trial in the Wellington High Court on November 18. His lawyer Susan Hughes confirmed last night she had received a copy of Justice Priestley's judgment yesterday. The judgment was in response to an application made by the Wallace family's lawyer John Rowan, QC, which was heard in New Plymouth last week.

The evidence heard at the application hearing was suppressed, as were the reasons for moving the trial.

dot Where you can get more information

For background information, check out A step towards justice? The Chief Justice's judgment on the shooting of Steven Wallace; and the series of Peace Movement Aotearoa alerts and updates about the shooting which are all available on-line here - they include ideas about what you can do, as well as contact details for the media and government politicians.

Moana Jackson's analysis of the police homicide enquiry report is available online.

Aotearoa Educators' articles about Steven Wallace's death are available online at

dot Support the Steven Wallace Trust Fund for Justice

The fund was established to help with legal costs and expenses incurred by Steven's family, and to campaign for possible changes to the law and to police procedures - any funds not required for these purposes will be placed in a permanent trust fund for the use of persons finding themselves victims of similar injustices. If you wish to make a contribution to the fund, please refer to the updated details on this page.

"This is not just a Waitara tragedy, it was a national tragedy and one we must never allow to occur again" (from the Wallace Whänau Committee statement, June 2000)

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