The real APEC 1999 conference.Reclaiming APEC 99 - Alternative Conference Agenda










The conference, which immediately precedes the APEC meeting of Heads of State, runs from Tues 7th to Thurs 9th September 1999 at: Auckland University Library Block Lecture Theatre B28

*Due to the complexity of organising this event the following agenda is subject to change.

The conference immediately precedes the APEC meeting of Heads of State.


Chair: Simon Reeves Environmmental lawyer


* Maori welcome - 8.00am

* Conference to be opened by Dr Bruce Hucker,

Deputy-Mayor Auckland City Council

* Opening address: Marissa D. De Guzman. "APEC TO ASHES" (Marissa's address has been prepared in association with Walden Bello who is unable to attend)

* Commentary: Sir Paul Reeves

* Rod Oram Editor Business Herald "Apec's role: what it does; what it could do".


Chair: Dr Peter Wills, Associate professor in physics at the University of Auckland

* Sohail Inayatullah "Social movements, economic democracy and transformative futures - a Prout perspective"

* Sukhi Turner " APEC and the local economy"

* Jeanette Fitzsimons "Thinking Beyond Tomorrow - alternatives to APEC for New Zealand and the world"

* Del Wihongi "The WAI 262 claim - The flora, fauna and intellectual property rights of Maori"


Chair: Dr Peter Wills

* Panel of the day's speakers and Saul Landau's new film"Laboring on Border's Edge" (45 minutes)


Chair: Susan St John, Senior Lecturer in Economics University of Auckland Morning:

* Hazel Henderson "Beyond Globalization: Building a Win-Win World".

* Marion Wood "APEC - the morality of the marketplace." * Workshops (11.15 - 12.30) * Helen Bowen and Jim Boyack "Restorative Justice" * Prue Hyman "Countering the arguments of orthodox economics for globalisation and APEC - alternative economic analyses" * Dada Sarvabodhananda - "Spirituality - a radical response to globalisation"


Chair: Nandor Tanczos Wild Greens Coordinator

* Youth panel - Linda Robinson - youth community worker, Kate Lowe - High school student and activist, Kyle - youth worker, Tini * Marilyn Waring "Beyond Growth"

* Dr Pita Sharples 5.00pm Launch of "State Secrets" a new book by Ben Vidgen published by Howlingatthemoon Press


* Cultural evening and dance ($5 entrance charge) The Bandit Queens (belly dancers), Jane Luscomb's Flamenco dance group, Tumi (Latino dance music), South Indian classical song and dance group, Touched by the Sea, Ei-Taire-O-Tangaroa.


Chair: TBA


* Workshops (9 - 10.30) * Makere Harawira & Sohail Inayatullah - "Designing Alternative Economic Futures" * Phillida Bunkle MP & John Lepper "Healthy communities v private greed" * Ben Vidgen "Corporate intrigue" * Bill Murphy et al "Sustainable Human Settlements in an Urbanising World & Shelter for all 11.00am * Networking issues as they arise

* Feedback from evening panels and the workshops that will have have happened during the course of the conference.


1 - 3pm Close


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