Fisheries Production, Trade and Environmental Management: A review of relations between the European Union and New Zealand.

Kwame Mfodwo, Environment and Management Programme, University of Waikato

This paper reviews the current state of relations between the EU and New Zealand in the areas identified above. There is an increasing interconnection between these two political-economic spaces as evidenced by: (i) on-going negotiations between the EU on access to the waters of New Zealand under its external fisheries policies; (ii) the increasing presence of fish from New Zealand on EU markets. Given the volatility in Asian markets this relationship is likely to become more important in the short-medium term.

Against the background of factual description of the current state of relations (the focus being on production and trade information) the paper outlines a number of issues of concern/interest from the viewpoint of sustainable fisheries and environmental conservation.

Questions to be discussed include:

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