Shannon Kearns

Shannon Kearns is a legal officer at the Washington, DC office of the IUCNóWorld Conservation Union. Shannon has been with the IUCN for a year, focusing on marine biodiversity issues.

In particular, her work has included analyses of legal instruments and institutions affecting coral reef conservation. Shannon has also represented the IUCN (US) on freshwater issues, as well as working on issues related to trade and the environment.

Prior to joining the IUCN, Shannon was employed at the Environmental Defense Fund in Washington, DC, largely concentrating on issues of climate change and ozone depletion.

During her time there, Shannon represented the Environmental Defense Fund at the UN Conference on Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks.

Shannon will be addressing the SeaViews conference on managing marine resources under international law.

About the IUCN
The mission of the IUCN is to provide leadership and promote a common approach for the world conservation movement in order to safeguard the identity and diversity of the natural world, and to ensure that human use of natural world, and to ensure that human use of natural resources is appropriate, sustainable and equitable.

IUCN's present membership is (February 1993):
62 States
95 government agencies
486 national non-governmental organizations
47 international non-governmental organizations
34 non-voting affiliates

724 total
117 countries are represented in this membership.

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