Community Involvement in Marine and Coastal Management

Authors: C. Bell, T. Flaherty and D.M. Tarte

The Marine and Coastal Community Network was established in May 1993 under the Australian Government's marine conservation program. It is coordinated by a national non-government organisation, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, under contract to the Australian Government. Seven Regional Coordinators are located around the country.

The Network's mission is to achieve a cooperative and coordinated approach by the community, government and industry to the preservation of marine biodiversity and ecological processes and the ecologically sustainable use of the Australian marine and coastal environments.

Currently the Network is involved in a number of key policy issues and programs including development of a national Oceans Policy and establishment of a national representative system of marine protected areas. It has contributed to the development of the Australian Coastal Policy, establishment of the Coastcare community grants program, various coastal management and planning regional studies, revision of fisheries legislation and management, and establishment of community monitoring programs for introduced marine pests and seagrass communities.

The authors will summarise the work of the Network during its four years of operations, areas of success and experience gained.

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