Visitor information

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, located at the South of the North Island at latitude 41S. February is mid-summer, but temperatures are moderate. Being coastal, the climate is temperate with an average temperatue in February of 20 degrees. You may expect pleasant sunny weather, though you should be prepared for possible wind or rain.

New Zealand is scenic, and if you are visiting for the conference, take time out for a holiday as well. Contact Focus Travel for more details.

Wellington in February will be 13 hours ahead of GMT. New Zealand electrical current is 240V AC. Exchange rates vary, but in September 1997, one US Dollar bought $NZ1.50, one Pound Sterling bought $NZ2.50.

New Zealand is anxious not to introduce unwanted pests and disease, so visitors are asked to to be scrupulous in respecting customs, agriculture and biosecurity restrictions on the import of fruits, animal materials, honey etc.

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