List of papers to be presented at SeaViews (subject to confirmation)

1. Future Options for the Department of Conservation in Conserving New Zealand's Marine Environment Jim Nicolson - Conservation Policy Division, Department of Conservation
2. Preserving the Natural Characters of estuaries and other sensitive Coastal Environments Chris Richmond - Department of Conservation and Victoria Froude - Pacific Ecological Resource Management Consultants
3. Developing a network of Marine Reserves for New Zealand Kathy Walls - Northern Regional Office, Department of Conservation
4. Where there's mullock there's gold: Long term changes in the distribution of biogenic reefs (mullock) and oysters (gold) in Foveaux Strait caused by dredging for oysters John Cranfield, Keith Michael and Milton Roderique - NIWA
5. Saltmarsh Restoration and Management I.D Marsden - Zoology Department, University of Canterbury and C Heremaia - Waste Management Unit, Christchurch City Council
6. Benthos: a datalogger of marine environmental health Chris Battershill and Dennis Gordon - NIWA
7. New Zealand Fur Seals: treasure, resource and vermin Chris Lalas - Sanford South Island Ltd and Corey J. A. Bradshaw - Department of Zoology, University of Otago
8. Oceans Management: Lessons from the Great Barrier Reef Ian McPhail, - Chair, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
9. Improving the statistical power of visual length estimates of fish reef: A comparison of divers and stereo-video Euan Harvey - Department of Marine Sciences, University of Otago and David Fletcher - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Otago and Mark Shortis - Department of Geomatics, University of Melbourne
10. The concept of Straddling Stocks and its application to the CCAMLR region Jeanette Johanson - IASOS and Antarctic CRC, University of Tasmania
11.Restoration of the Port Waikato sand dunes: a community based rehabilitation project H. Spence, G. Lowe, J. Dahm and E O'Callaghan
12. An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Fisheries Management Michael Bathgate and Assoc. Prof. P.Ali Memon - Geography Department, University of Otago
13. Conservation Services Levies and the management of Protected Species By-catch in New Zealand Fisheries Mike Donoghue - External Relations Divisions, Department of Conservation
14. Neighbourhood Biology: "on line" and "in the field" services about our local ecology Mary Gardner
15. Community Involvement in Marine and Coastal Management C. Bell, T. Flaherty and D. M. Tarte
16. The Oceans: Pelagic Plastics and other synthetic marine debris - a chronic problem Murray R. Gregory, University of Auckland
17. Coastal Management in New Zealand - Preserving the Natural Character; Problems and Alternatives N. J. Thomson
18. Management of the New Zealand Pelagic and Deepwater Longline Fisheries with Particular Reference to the catches of non-target species and the interactions that occur with non-fish species Richard Cade, Consultant
19. Fisheries Production, Trade and Environmental Management: A Review of relations between the European Union and New Zealand Kwame Mfodwo, Environment and Management Programme, University of Waikato
20. 'Kia ora tonu te 'mauri' o te moana Pikopiko I Whiti mo ake tonu' - To maintain and enhance the life-force of the inner sea of the Bay of Islands for all time Maiki Marks , Secretary, policy and planning, Kororareka Marae Society Incorporated
21. Ecosystem management principles: inside and outside New Zealand's 12 nautical mile limit Barry Weeber, Forest and Bird Protection Society
22.Tradeable Quota in Practice: Decision making, Institutions and Outcomes - the New Zealand Experience over 11 years Cath Wallace
23.Fisheries production, trade and environmental management: a review of relations between the European Union and New Zealand Kwame Mfodwo, Environment and Management Programme, University of Waikato
24.A system of marine reserves: the opportunity and the obligation. Bill Ballantine, Leigh Marine Laboratory, University of Auckland

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