Foreign Control Watchdog 107

Foreign Control Watchdog 107
December 2004

greenball The right to pick and choose overseas investment, by Bill Rosenberg
greenball New Overseas Investment Bill throws the door wide open, by Murray Horton
greenball Shania Twain buys up big in Otago, by Murray Horton
greenball The fightback against Ernslaw One & Rimbunan Hijau, by Delahunty, Bibby & Horton
greenball Northerner rail service axed, more cuts likely, by Joe Hendren
greenball Foreign investment, financial reporting and Telecom, by Sue Newberry
greenball Westpac: the biggest bank robbery in NZ is an inside job, by Murray Horton
greenball Thai trade deal unmasked, by Christine Dann
greenball Iraq's new patent law: a declaration of war against farmers, by GRAIN & FOTGS
greenball Ahmed Zaoui: New Zealand's very own political prisoner, by David Small
greenball Book & Film Reviews by Jeremy Agar
"I almost forgot about the moon: the disinformation campaign against Ahmed Zaoui" by Selwyn Manning, Yasmine Ryan and Katie Small
"Lovemarks: the future beyond brands" by Kevin Roberts
"The Corporation" A film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan
"Super Size Me" A film by Morgan Spurlock
"Fahrenheit 9/11" A film by Michael Moore
"Control Room" A film by Jehane Noujaim
greenball 2004 CAFCA annual general meeting, organiser account and report by Murray Horton
greenball Updates by Murray Horton: Cape Kidnappers & Global Tobacco Control
greenball 2004 Roger Award finalists chosen, by Murray Horton
greenball Cheques & Taking Control list server

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