Foreign Control Watchdog 111

Foreign Control Watchdog 111
April 2006

greenball Itís a Tie for Worst! BNZ & Westpac Equal Winners of 2005 Roger Award: Toll & Telecom Runners Up; Govt. Special Award for Protection of Profit & Privilege at Expense of Public Health, by Murray Horton
greenball 2005 Roger Award Judges' Statement, by John Minto, Maire Leadbeater, Laila Harre & Mary-Ellen O'Connor
greenball Roger Award Report 2005, by Joe Hendren
greenball Financial Analysis: BNZ and Westpac, by Sue Newberry
greenball Keep Our Port Public! Christchurch Wants To Flog Off Lyttelton Port Company To Hong Kong TNC, by Murray Horton
greenball Foreign Investment In Transpower: Whatís Going On With Our Power Transmission System?, by Sue Newberry
greenball Union Fightback Against McDonald's Union-Busting Strategy, by John Minto
greenball Report On Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Meeting: December 2005, by Bill Rosenberg
greenball Submission On The Transpacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement 2005, by Jane Kelsey, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland
greenball Reviews, by Jeremy Agar
“With Distance Comes Perspective: Essays On Politics, Security And International Affairs”; Paul G Buchanan
“The Risks We Run”; Roger Moody
“Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room”; A Film by Alex Gibney
greenball Obituary
Sue Taylor, by Kate Dewes
Deaths In The Family: Jack Braithwaite and Rose Dann
greenball “ANZ: Iraq War Profiteer”; by Murray Horton

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