Foreign Control Watchdog 113

Foreign Control Watchdog 113
December 2006

greenball TNC Takeover Reaches Gold Rush Proportions Exactly As We Predicted, by Murray Horton
greenball Retrogressive Progressive TNC Locks Out Distribution Workers, Families Without Pay For 28 Days, by Joe Hendren
greenball The Feltex Fiasco, by Sue Bradford
greenball Fighting At The Coal Face Of Capitalism, by Lynda Boyd
greenball The Mounting Toll Of Foreign Ownership Of Our Railways, by Murray Horton
greenball Time To Rethink Failed World Trade Agenda, by Jane Kelsey
greenball 2006 CAFCA AGM Minutes
greenball CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account 2005/06, by Bob Leonard
greenball Organiserís Report, by Murray Horton
greenball “The Last Resort” A Word From The Filmmakers, by Abi King-Jones
greenball Reviews; by Jeremy Agar
“Roderick Deane: His Life And Times”; Michael & Judith Bassett
“I See Red”; Judith Bell
“The Last Resort”; A Film By Abi King-Jones & Errol Wright
“The Body Hunters”; Sonia Shah
“Overcoming The Odds”; A DVD By Infact
“Saving Trees, Stopping Wars”; WJ Foote
greenball Speaking Ill Of The Dead The Vicious Smear Campaign Against Bill Sutch & Jack Lewin, by Murray Horton
greenball Obituary
Wilton Willis, by Maire Leadbeater
greenball 2006 Roger Award Finalists Chosen Title Vacant, Several Recidivists, A Couple Of Bolters, by Murray Horton

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