Foreign Control Watchdog 115

Foreign Control Watchdog 115
August 2007


greenball Welcome To New Zealand: The $2 Shop Of The South Pacific, by Murray Horton
greenball Godfrey Hirst Chief Personally Buys Feltex Properties, by Bill Rosenberg
greenball Pigheaded Christchurch Council Unrepentant On Thwarted Lyttelton Port Sale, by Murray Horton
greenball Who Owns The South Island Grid? Trying To Find Out Is Like Peeling The Proverbial Onion, by Sue Newberry
greenball The hard copy edition of this issue included an extract, entitled “Who Owns What?” from Bill Rosenberg’s paper “News Media Ownership In New Zealand”. That whole paper can be read online at
greenball Westpac’s Financing Transaction: Is This Another Tax-Driven Arrangement? by Sue Newberry
greenball Telecom Drags The Chain, by Murray Horton
greenball Telecom Sells Yellow Pages To Canadian-Led Consortium, by Bill Rosenberg
greenball Reviews; by Jeremy Agar
“A Civilised Society”; A Film by Alister Barry
“Rocks And Hard Places: The Globalization Of Mining”; by Roger Moody
“Suiting Themselves: How Corporations Drive The Global Agenda”; by Sharon Beder
greenball Obituary by Murray Horton:
Stan Hemsley

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