Foreign Control Watchdog 122

Foreign Control Watchdog 122 - December 2009


greenball No Entrance Refused: NZís New Investment Protocol Open Door For Australian & Other Foreign Investment, by Quentin Findlay
greenball Forward And Leftward, by Bill Rosenberg
greenball The Rise Of The Privatisers (Again), by Liz Gordon
greenball Big Banks Behaving Badly: More Regulation Needed. Edited version of CTU submission to Parliamentary Banking Inquiry
greenball Auckland Supercity: Another Big Dose Of Neo-Liberalism, by John Minto
greenball Globalisation, Capitalism And Crisis: Contesting The New Social Darwinism, by Dennis Small
greenball Banging My Head Against SIS Wall Of Silence, by Jane Kelsey
greenball 2009 AGM Minutes; CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account 2008/09, by Bob Leonard; Organiserís Report, by Murray Horton
greenball Reviews, by Murray Horton, Jeremy Agar and John Kelcher
“Looking For Answers: A Life Of Elsie Locke”, by Maureen Birchfield
“Helen Clark: A Political Life”, by Dennis Welch
“The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned The Free Market & Why Liberals Should Too”, by James K Galbraith
“Spies For Hire”, by Tim Shorrock
“The Future Of Global Relations: Crumbling Walls, Rising Regions”, by Terrence Edward Paupp
“The Great New Zealand Fishing Scandal”, A Documentary By Guye Henderson
“Flat Earth News”, by Nick Davies
greenball Obituaries
Ted Roberts
Death In The Family: John Gannaway
greenball 2009 Roger Award Finalists Named, by Murray Horton

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Note that the regular analysis of the decisions of the Overseas Investment Office, which are published in every Foreign Control Watchdog are not republished here because they are available on the web site of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA).

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