Foreign Control Watchdog 124

Foreign Control Watchdog 124 - August 2010


greenball Stop Thief! The Not So Secret Agenda To Steal NZ People’s Assets by Murray Horton
greenball “Goodfellas”: The OIO And The Nature Of Being A “Good Character” by Quentin Findlay
greenball Trans-Pacific Partnership: 21st Century Agreement Or 19th Century? by Bill Rosenberg
New Website Launched To Promote Debate On Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations by Jane Kelsey

greenball Will We Ever Learn? Lessons From The Global Financial Crisis by Bryan Gould
greenball Why We Need To Tax Financial Speculation by Vaughan Gunson
greenball Ten Reasons Why ASB Is A Bad Bank by Vaughan Gunson
greenball ECan Sacking A Coup For Corporate Irrigators by John Minto
greenball Corporate Agriculture/Free Trade Contradictions Bite Home by Dennis Small
greenball The Commodification Of Everything by Liz Gordon
greenball Reviews by Jeremy Agar
"Bird On A Wire” by Theresa Gattung
“An Introduction To Climate Change Economics And Policy” by Felix R Fitzroy & Elissaios Papyrakis
“Good Cop Bad Cop” edited by Thomas P Lyon
“Requiem For A Species” by Clive Hamilton
“Storms Of My Grandchildren” by James Hansen
“The Value Of Nothing” by Raj Patel
Owen Wilkes’ SIS File: Spies Play Hard To Get by Murray Horton
greenball Obituaries by Murray Horton & Brian Easton
Bruce Finnerty
Bertha Alison
Mr Valiant-For-The-Truth: Hugh Llewellyn Price 1929-2009
greenball CAFCA Has A Facebook Group
greenball We Won’t Be Getting Accounts Audited From Now On
greenball Murray Horton Speaking Tour 2011


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