Postcards Opposing Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Available To Send To Politicians


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is the means to effect a Free Trade Agreement with the US. There is no bigger issue this election.

Two versions of a postcard opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement are now available, one to be sent to PM Key, the other to an MP of the sender’s choice. Members were sent one of each with the May 2011 Watchdog and the response has been excellent.

We note that most orders have been for the one to the PM. We urge people to give equal, if not greater, weight to the one to be sent to an MP. We believe that lobbying MPs, of all parties, is more likely to get results. Those who have sent them to the PM have received a standard reply from Tim Groser, the Minister of Trade Negotiations, on the PM’s behalf.

Postage is free (because they’re going to Parliament).

Here is the text (which is the same on each one).

“Dear MP

I urge the Government to withdraw from negotiations for the TPPA and instead put New Zealand’s national interest at the heart of all trade and investment negotiations, rather than the interests of transnational corporations and the US government.

The TPPA will, among other things: undermine what little NZ has left in the way of any controls of foreign investment; institutionalise the very same horrendous financial practices which led to the global financial crisis; allow American corporations to sue the New Zealand government in private international tribunals; attack Pharmac and drive up the cost of prescription medicines; make access to digital recordings more expensive and copying more restricted; attack our GE and tobacco controls and food labeling and food and appliance safety standards; and weaken our controls of food imports where they might carry disease. The whole process is both secret and fundamentally undemocratic in the way in which it is being negotiated and then ratified by Executive decree.

I will be voting for a party which puts our national interest first, not those of foreign corporations under a TPPA”.

These cards can be ordered from CAFCA, Box 2258, Christchurch. For orders of 50–500 of each or both, we would expect a koha towards copying and postage. Of orders of 500 or more of each or both, we would expect full reimbursement for printing and postage. Payment is to CAFCA. Our bank account details are available upon request. Please specify whether you are ordering both cards or one version only (and, if so, specify which one). Allow at least several days for them to be copied and posted.

The cards are also online at http://www.box.net/shared/ju1gxifyio and people are welcome to download and print their own. Bear in mind that they are meant to be on light card, not paper

Let the politicians know that the New Zealand people don’t want a free trade agreement with the US!


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