Foreign Control Watchdog 128

Foreign Control Watchdog 128 December 2011


greenballWelcome To Johnkeyistan! Don't Worry, She'll Be Right (In Every Sense Of The Word) by Murray Horton
greenball Why Did Labour Struggle In the Campaign? by John Minto
greenball The Future Ghost of Christmas Past by Liz Gordon
greenball The Productivity Commission Is The Latest Name For Rogernomics: The Taliban Of NZ Capitalism by Jeremy Agar
greenball The Grounding Of The Rena: And The Deregulated Global Shipping Industry by Joe Fleetwood
greenball The Trans-Pacific Partnership As A Lynchpin Of US Anti-China Strategy by Jane Kelsey
greenball Downgrade The Credit Rating Agencies by Bill Rosenberg
greenball Primary Production, Free Trade, Resource Conflict & Corporate Plunder: Part 1 by Dennis Small
greenball Net Closes On Fishing Industry Shame by Victor Billot
greenball Media-Communication Ownership In Aotearoa-New Zealand: Legacies And Contemporary Trends by Wayne Hope and Merja Myllylahti
greenball 2011 CAFCA Annual General Meeting Minutes
greenball CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account 2010/11 by Warren Brewer
greenball New Treasurer For Organiser Account: Warren Brewer Replaces Bob Leonard by Murray Horton
greenball Reviews by Jeremy Agar

Other People’s Wars: New Zealand In Afghanistan, Iraq And The War On Terror by Nicky Hager
At The Turning Point by Margaret Pope
The Growth Syndrome: Economic Destitution by Derek J Wilson
greenball Obituary by Kate Dewes

Patricia Morrison
greenball 2011 Roger Award Finalists Named by Murray Horton

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