Foreign Control Watchdog 129

Foreign Control Watchdog 130 August 2012


greenball Thieves And Conmen: Government Wants To Steal What Is Ours & Sell A Little Bit Of It Back To Us by Murray Horton
greenball Christchurch Council Under Privatisation Pressure by Marty Braithwaite
greenball The Risks Of Private Public Partnerships To The Health System by Bill Rosenberg
greenball Secrecy In TPPA Negotiations Mocks Democracy by Jane Kelsey
greenball Roger Award Event Comes Home by Murray Horton
greenball Kim Dotcom And The Good Character Test: Money Versus Power by James Ayers
greenball Euro Lessons We Should All Learn by Bryan Gould
greenball Class Size Matters The Most Where Students Are Struggling by John Minto
greenball Ports Of Auckland Dispute: It’s About Job Security And Public Ownership by Joe Fleetwood
greenball Blood And Salty Water: The NZ Fishing Industry’s Failed Experiment With Globalisation by Victor Billot
greenball A Major Leftwing Think Tank In Aotearoa: Call To Action Or Impossible Dream? by Sue Bradford
greenball Fair “Share” For Aged Care by Alastair Duncan
greenball Primary Production, Free Trade, Resource Conflict & Corporate Plunder: Part 3 by Dennis Small

greenball Coromandel Still Under Threat by Augusta Macassey-Pickard and Renee Annan
greenball Reviews by Jeremy Agar
Franzi & The Great Terrain Robbery by Sam Mahon
Coal And The Coast: A Reflection On the Pike River Disaster by Paul Maunder
Jagged Seas: The New Zealand Seamen’s Union 1879-2003 by David Grant
The Health Of Nations: Towards A New Political Economy by Gavin Mooney
Capitalism: A Structural Genocide by Garry Leech
greenball Justice On the Agenda by Liz Gordon
greenball Obituary by Murray Horton

Larry Ross
greenball How Many NZ Jobs Do TNCs Provide? by Murray Horton

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