Living Wage Recommended For Organiser

- Brian Turner

The CAFCA Committee will be recommending to the Annual General Meeting in September that Secretary/Organiser Murray Horton be paid the base Living Wage of $18.40 per hour (he is currently paid $17 p.h., from the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account). To this end, members and supporters of both CAFCA and the Anti-Bases Campaign are asked to lift contributions to the Organiser Account so that it can implement and sustain a Living Wage for Murray.

The rationale behind the Living Wage is to provide a level of remuneration in order for workers and their families to be able to afford the necessities of life, live with dignity, and participate as active citizens in society. An investigation into defining a Living Wage for NZ was conducted by the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit and by Peter King and Charles Waldegrave in particular. Their 2012 report concluded that $18.40 per hour should be the base rate for a Living Wage in Aotearoa-NZ. That base rate is now being promoted by progressive organisations and businesses including both CAFCA and ABC.

Donations can be sent to Box 2258, Christchurch 8140, cheques payable to the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account. Pledges can be direct credited to that Account at:  Westpac, Sydenham Branch, Christchurch. Account number: 030866-0300063-00.


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