2014 CAFCA

Annual General Meeting Minutes

The 2014 CAFCA AGM was held at the Christchurch WEA on September 22. 12 members were present. They were: Jeremy Agar, Murray Horton, Warren Brewer, Lynda Boyd, Brian Turner, James Ayers, John Ring, Paul Piesse, Colleen Hughes, Katherine Peet, John Peet, and Daniela Bagozzi. Jeremy Agar chaired the meeting. Apologies were accepted from: Viola Palmer, Gilbert van Reenen, Bruce Tulloch, Maurice Ward, Bill Rosenberg, Denis O’Connor and Allen Cookson. The 2013 Minutes were read by the Secretary, Murray Horton, and accepted (moved John Peet, seconded Colleen Hughes).

Finances Very Healthy

The 2013/14 accounts, which had been distributed with Watchdog 136, September 2014, were accepted unanimously (moved by John Peet, seconded by Paul Piesse) and without discussion. The finances are in a very healthy situation. Murray Horton reported that, as at the day of the AGM, CAFCA’s total bank balance stood at $53,000, in round figures (there are three term deposits totalling $40,000), which was $3,000 down on the balance as of the day of the 2013 AGM.  The difference is largely due to the costs of Murray’s 2014 national speaking tour.

Warren Brewer, who had been the Treasurer since 2011 for the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account (which pays Murray Horton) resigned as of the AGM. He has been succeeded by James Ayers, who presented the Account’s annual financial report (see below). Murray’s gross annual income is currently $38,528 ($17.70 per hour). As of the March 31 end of the 2013 financial year the Organiser Westpac cheque account held $6,597.01 (a decrease of $1,078.59 on the 2012 FY). In the 2013 Financial Year the Account spent $40,087.60 and income was $39,009.01 (a deficit of $1,078.59). Donations totalled $8,137 and regular pledgers $30,292.73. There are 60 regular pledgers (one less than the previous year), including those who pledge annually, half yearly and quarterly. James reported that the Westpac cheque account has $4,598.56 in it, according to the latest (August) monthly bank statement. And the Account currently has $19,668.42 on term deposit with Kiwibank, which next matures in November 2014.

Living Wage Rate For Organiser Not Achieved Yet

The 2013 AGM had resolved that the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account should pay the Organiser the Living Wage rate (which was then $18.40 per hour; it has since been increased to $18.80). James reported that, as of January 2014, Murray’s hourly rate was increased from $17 to $17.70. The plan had been to increase it, as of July, by a further 70 cents per hour. That had not taken place, and any further increase is subject to the financial health of the Organiser Account. The AGM resolved that the Committee is to make the decision on any pay increase to reach the Living Wage rate (moved James Ayers, seconded Warren Brewer). The meeting unanimously recorded its thanks to Warren, with a round of applause, for his years of service as Organiser Account Treasurer.


Election of officers. Murray Horton was re-elected as Secretary/Organiser. With the exception of Warren Brewer, who resigned on an indefinite leave of absence (meaning that he may come back onto it in the future), the Committee was re-elected unopposed - Bill Rosenberg, John Ring, Jeremy Agar, Lynda Boyd, James Ayers, Paul Piesse, Colleen Hughes and Brian Turner. Jeremy Agar is Chairperson. Bill Rosenberg (who lives in Wellington) is a “distance” member. In total, the Committee now numbers nine. The meeting unanimously recorded its thanks to Warren, with a round of applause. He had been on the Committee since 2009. He confirmed that he will still administer the Watchblog, Keep Our Assets and New Zealand Not For Sale Websites, plus CAFCA’s Twitter account (not to mention helping at Watchdog mailouts).

Murray Horton presented his annual Organiser’s Report. This was done from notes only and the full written version will be published in the first 2015 Watchdog. To briefly list the topics he reported on: national speaking tour (see Murray’s report on his speaking tour, elsewhere in this issue. Ed.); Committee; Website; other means of electronic communication; membership; finances; Organiser Account; Watchdog; Roger Award; media coverage; relations with political parties; Keep Our Assets Canterbury; the campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement; annual strategy meeting; 2015 CAFCA’s 40th anniversary celebration; Anti-Bases Campaign; Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa; Christchurch earthquakes’ impact; future activities.

General business. Daniela Bagozzi raised the question of succession planning (specifically for Murray) and was assured by the Committee that this is a subject that is regularly discussed.

The AGM concluded by screening the recently rediscovered and finished 26 minute documentary on the 1974 Long March (by bus) across Australia to a former US base. A number of New Zealanders (including Murray) took part and that event inspired the 1975 South Island Resistance Ride. What was initially called CAFCINZ was created to organise that (and here we are, as CAFCA, 40 years later).


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