New Treasurer For Organiser Account

James Ayers Replaces Warren Brewer

- Murray Horton

As noted in the CAFCA AGM Minutes, CAFCA Committee member James Ayers has replaced Warren Brewer as Treasurer for the CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account (Warren has resigned both as Treasurer and from the CAFCA Committee). I would like to reiterate my heartfelt thanks to Warren, who replaced long-time Organiser Treasurer Bob Leonard when the February 2011 killer quake made Bob and his wife Barbara permanent quake refugees in Wellington. Bob never saw Christchurch or his home again, dying in August 2013.

Warren took over at very short notice and in unprecedented circumstances. He was hampered by a lack of basic data (rendered inaccessible in Bob’s home by earthquake damage and by Bob’s abrupt departure). Throughout 2011 Warren had to spend a considerable amount of time on Organiser Account business, getting signatories replaced and reconstructing data (we weren’t able to get anything out of Bob’s quake-buggered house until February 2013). And he instituted a number of welcome improvements – for instance, I now get paid by a fortnightly automatic payment into my bank account rather than by a fortnightly cheque issued at a meeting, which was the practice for the previous 20 years. Many thanks, mate. And thanks to James for taking it on.


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