Foreign Control Watchdog 159

Foreign Control Watchdog 159
April 2022

greenball NZ Becomes Further Enmeshed In US Empire: The Politics & Economics Of Five Eyes by Murray Horton
greenball Pandemic Profiteers by Murray Horton
greenball From Private Equity To Public Ownership: The Case For Reform In The Bus Industry by Edward Miller
greenball You Can't Bank On It by Murray Horton
greenball A Campaign We Must Win by Jen Olsen
greenball Should We Stay Or Should We Go? Rio Tinto Sings A Very Familiar Old Song by Murray Horton
greenball A History Lesson by Murray Horton
greenball Organiser's Report by Murray Horton
greenball Consequences Of Militarist Global Capitalism by Dennis Small
greenball Reviews by Jeremy Agar
Too Much Money by Max Rashbrooke
Fulfillment: Winning And Losing In One-Click America by Alex MacGillis
American Kleptocracy by Casey Michel
The Contrarian: Peter Thiel And Silicon Valley's Pursuit Of Power by Max Chafkin
Twilight Of Democracy: The Seductive Lure Of Authoritarianism by Anne Applebaum
greenball Obituary by Murray Horton and Kevin Clements
Bill Willmott
greenball Overseas Investment Office The Condensed Edition by Murray Horton
OIO Decisions October 2021 To January 2022

CAFCA promotes the concept of an independent Aotearoa based on policies of economic, military and political self-reliance, using Aotearoa's resources for the benefit of the people of Aotearoa, and refusing involvement in the self-serving military and economic treaties of big foreign countries. We oppose foreign control, irrespective of which country it involves. We oppose the exploitation of Aotearoa's people and resources by foreign companies, and any foreign military or intelligence activities in Aotearoa. CAFCA does not support the replacement of foreign exploiters with local ones. New Zealand big business interests are collaborating with foreign companies in the exploitation of its own country - its only loyalty is to improve profits. CAFCA is not racist. We do not oppose the people of foreign countries, only the transnational corporations (TNCs) exploiting the people of New Zealand. CAFCA's full Charter is at

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Note that the regular analysis of the decisions of the Overseas Investment Office, which are published in every Foreign Control Watchdog are not republished here because they are available on the web site of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA).

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