Foreign Control Watchdog 98

Foreign Control Watchdog 98
December 2001

greenball "In the national interest": What a novel idea - let's have more of it
greenball Take back the track
greenball What price free trade with the US?
greenball Myths of MFAT consultation and expertise disturbed in Hong Kong negotiations
greenball Threat to the clothing and footwear sector from proposed Hong Kong agreement
greenball Globalisation into global war? Terrorism and the capitalist state
greenball Don't talk about exports: examples of international agreements constraining New Zealand's economic development options
greenball No refunds necessary
greenball 2001 AGM minutes
greenball CAFCA/ABC organiser account 2000/01
greenball Organiser's report
greenballLucio Tan: Philippines' most notorious crony capitalist comes to NZ
greenball Reviews: No logo, Moving mountains, and World investment
greenball Videos: M1, and New rulers of the world
greenball Cheques, websites, donations, Roger Award 2001
greenball We've got the Lilybank file

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