Press Releases


What Does "Mother of All Bombs", Dropped on Afghanistan, Have To Do With Christchurch Airport?

Spies Given More Powers In Spite Of Their Failures

ABC Press Release For Waihopai protest

Unleashing GCSB To Spy On Kiwis One More Step On Road To Police State

Three Cheers For The Domebusters Who Kicked Waihopai In The Ball!

GCSB Saga - Forget About The Clowns, Itís Time The Whole Circus Left Town

R.I.P. Bryan Law has passed away

Dotcom Snooping More Evidence GCSB Is Not Under Control

With US Military Bases and Spies, People Die!

Windflow & General Dynamics: The Old Proverbial Hits the Turbine

Time For NZ To Get Out Of UKUSA Spy System

John Key Says Yanks Not Spying On Him

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