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Global Eco-Village Network (GEN)
This is a Danish based site of the Gaia trust whose purpose is to faciiltate Eco-Village Development world wide. Their web site traffic is growing at a rapid rate with 250,000 visits per month. They also commissioned the book Eco-Villages and Sustainable communities (1991) by R. Gillman/ Context Institute.

GEN Oceania 
Local branch of GEN, based in Austrailia.

Cohousing in Australia
A page by Graham Meltzer, also one by Hans Tilstra.

Eco-Village Network of the Americas
US branch of GEN, based around The Farm and the Eco-village training centre.

The Cohousing Network
This is an American site and can hook you up with US projects and numerous other resources based on the recent surge of cohousing there following the publication of McCamant and Durrett's (1994) book Cohousing-A Contemporary Approach to housing ourselves.

Canadian Cohousing Network

Email lists More Lists
A long list of email lists to join, as if you didnt already spend enough hours in front of the screen.

Selected Projects
Cascade Cohousing Tasmania
This is our closest existing cohousing project, completed recently. It is an urban project and with legal and planning systems close to ours, possibly someone you want to make friends with!

Halifax Eco-City Project
A very exciting project looking a lot more like going now than it did. The concept includes several hundred homes in downtown Adelaide, but mixed use with shops etc anf fully self contained wastewater and energy wise.

Eco-Village at Ithaca
In New York state a large village is underway comprising several cohousing neighbourhoods adjoining its own horticultural land. Also exciting.

Los Angeles Eco Village
Not sure where this convoluted tale is up to. Judging by their website they have done a lot of good along the way!

Kookabuura Park
Permaculture Village lot development in Queensland, several hundred lots or so.

Crystal Waters
'Worlds first Permaculturevillage' near Maleny in Queensland, Austrailia. Built 10 or so years ago now.

Jarlanbah Permaculture Village?
Their web site seems to keep moving?. Permaculture Village built recently near Nimbin northern NSW.

Sorry, these are a bit unorganised!

Context Institute
Permaculture International Journal
The Farm
Intentional Communities
Permaculture Pages
Welcome to the Green Map System
Sustainable Seattle
Permaculture Global Assistance Network
GreenNet Australia - Environmental Directory
ACID - The Australian Community's Independent Directory
Friends of the Earth International
US Environmental Protection Agency
Green Pages - The Global Directory for Environmental Technology
Green Pages - the Environmental Data Directory
Green Pages: Case Studies
Sustainable Culture Info
World Game Institute: Worldometers
New Zealand Planning Institute
Congress for the New Urbanism
Centre for Alternative Technology
Virtual Library: Sustainable Development
Urban Ecology
The Center for Livable Communities
Cohousing Research and Education--Australia
Tucson Neighborhood Development Corporation
Permaculture International Journal Home Page
Gesundheit! Institute
Permaculture Resources at CSF
Permaculture Pages
Introduction to Permaculture
International Institute for Ecological Agriculture
Twin Cities Free-Net
Community Eco-Design Network (CEN)
Community Housing Associations in South Australia
Intentional Communities Resource Page
Intentional Communities Web Site: Home Page
The Foundation for Community Encouragement
Intentional Communities Resource Page
New Economics Foundation
LETS Systems
Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter
Treaty of Waitangi 1840
Better World New Zealand
New Zealand People + Places
Auckland University
Building Biology and Ecology Institute of New Zealand
Waitakere City Sustainable Home Guidelines
Law Commission of New Zealand

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