Eco-Village and Sustainable communities-
Design for human settlement

Highlights from Peters notes of Robyn Francis' workshop Jan 1999

1. Human Scale
2. Full Featured
3. Ecologically sensitive
4. Healthy human development
5. Sustainable

New ideas take a while to integrate into the system, and follow this general path:

NSW Community Tiltes Act 1989


Bylaws and community managment

Village Homes




Valley Farm

Group design and Development-touches on community consultation abit

1. What does... mean to you?
2. What do you value most about ...?
3. What are three key problems or areas youd like to see changed?
4. What are three wishes or themes to tick?

1. Get group to draw a map and see what shows up
2. Then each person draws on there dailiy routes and modes of travel.
3. Do for all ages etc. Work with the results eg. Put a ped crossing where most people cross roads
1. pin up the agenda and groundrules, let people know that the tradional interjections are not allowed.
2. Get a good facilitaor
3. Prior to the meeting set up a forum o decide agenda, process etc
4. Make sure people know that there is a time set aside for questions and discussion
5. Define consensus as a decsion everyone can live with
1. Say looking at land tuned for possible housing development
2. Look especially at watershed/ catchments.
3. Mark in different colored overlays, swamps, steep areas, bad aspect, natives, sacred spots, best soils etc etc
4. Late a secondary set of overlays looks at access, services, gravity feedable, windpawer sites etc.
5. Whats left is ripe for housing. Make sure you have space for main central clusters cf isolated small lots


"Sustainabilty is about accepting the emergant quality of evolution, the law of chaos, the uncertainty principle and getting in touch with what needs to be done and doing it with the opportunities that presnt themselves"


To follow?

PS 13.2.99

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