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We intend to gradually build on this section as resources become available. Your group may have information worth sharing, in which case we will gladly display it here.

Getting a project started
What it takes, what things need doing first.

The NZ planning environment
How are communities officially received by local councils, whats easy, whats possible, how to work with them.

Groups need an effective membership structure early on. Read this before you start!

Legal Structures in NZ
An introduction to entities and processes that may be needed for both project development and final ownership.

Large collection of terms relating to Eco-Villages and cohousing development.

Robyn Francis Eco-Village Course Notes
These are some rather rough notes of highlights from the recent Eco-Village and Sustainable Communities 5 day workshop.

Creating websites
This article describes where to begin making and posting a website. References many tools and resources to help do the job.

Oho: Utopias in a Paradise lost
This article describes the establishing and operation of the New Zealand Government’s "Ohu" land settlement scheme from 1974 to the present day.

Research project on cohousing and sustainability
Part fulfillment of Planning degree. Touchs on challenges in developing cohousing, and some info relating to sustainability. Peter Scott.

Cohousing and Eco-Village Development in Aotearoa/NZ
Research project by Gerald Lock, as part of Architecture degree. (500K PDF file)

Subdivsion for People and the Environment (new)
Paper by Lisa Gibellini summarising the Standards NZ sustainable subdivision handbook: "The Challenge of Sustainability DZ HB 44 Subdivision for People & the Environment: Subdivision based on the Concepts of Eco-villages & Cohousing" . Presented to the 14th Annual Ingenium Conference 14-17 June 2001, Rotorua. Also published in the Surveying Quarterly. Reprinted here by kind permisssion.

What is Eco-Village, cohousing etc
Info about projects in progress
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