This is a collection so far unedited of many related terms associated with what we are doing.
As times goes on we will collect a core set of our own important terms.

accessory unit unit title term for one or more additional detached chunks of airspace, used for car parks or such
acre 4840 square yards, 0.40 ha, 4000m2
active solar systems using mechanical equipt to collect & transport heat from the sun for home heating / cooling
adobe unfired earth brick type of earth construction
Agenda 21 international commitment to sustainability stemming from the UNCED conference in Rio 1992
AGSAP Agreement for Sale and Purchase, legally binding real estate contract regarding the buying or selling of property
amenity values (planning) those qualities of an area that contribute to peoples appreciation of its pleasantness, aesthetic coherence and recreational attributes
aquaculture growing of food in water such as fish and water-chestnuts
arbitrator trained person called in to rule on a conflict, out of court. There may be an agreement to accept the arbitrator's ruling as binding
architect designs & supervises the construction of buildings. Must be registered with AERB to legally use the name architect
arms length a transaction between two unrelated parties or one being of that quality; cf see related parties
articles of association old term for company constitution
articulation of units creating recesses & protrusions in terrace type housing to break monotony
assessment of environmental effects AEE modern term defined by RMA. Report outlining environmental consequences of a project. Needed to get resource consent; see environment
attached dwellings houses with one or more adjoining or party walls
auction property sold at auction is usually an unconditional sale, finance and feasibility must be sorted before. If 'passed in', the highest bidder has first go at making an offer, which may be conditional. 10% deposit payable when offer accepted.
balance sheet a financial statement of assets and liabilities
bioregionalism focusing of resource use from natural regions
black water sewage
body corporate all unit owners under unit title become automatically a body corporate
body corporate committee the BC may elect a committee to manage the day to day affairs of the BC, whilst reserving all unit owners rights to vote in annual or special meetings
body corporate rules the act provides a default set which may be changed providing unit owners rights are not reduced under the act
bofaellesskaber Original Danish term for cohousing-"living communities"
brainstorm creative meeting process whereby ideas are generated, without censoring or discussion-they are just called out and recorded
bridging finance short term loan used to fill a gap in other finance or between buying one property and selling another, expensive with many strings attached
brief NZ term, see program
brownfields old industrial sites now available for redevelopment
building biology science looking at how buildings affect the health of occupants, things such as metals interfering with natural magnetism, breathability
building consent permit required from council to go ahead with construction—states that the proposed development complies with the building act 1991
building contract an agreement between the client and the building contractor to carry out the contract works for an agreed price. Various standard contracts are available incl the NZ Inst of Archs and Master Builders
burn out over work, especially with 'war front' leading edge work, aid agencies etc, areas of great need, cohousing!
burning soul some one(s) who carries the torch, leading, holding the vision or process, every group has and/or needs one or two.
business/office support facility commonly owned room with office equipment
bylaws formal local rules of organization usually company or council
cashbook business record of cash payments and cash receipts
cashcall periodic draws of money from members
cash-flow balance of incoming cash and outgoing expenses
cash-flow plan monthly schedule of income and expense to manage cashflow
certificate of title document held by Land titles office which sets out the legal description and ownership of real estate. Shows other property rights and, encumbrances such as covenants or easements.
chain 66 feet, 20.1 m
change order US term; see variation
charitable trust trust registered both with justice and IRD depts, tax exempt, and can last in perpetuity
check in beginning meetings, quick sharing of what's on top, usually about feelings, what I have to acknowledge or leave behind in order to be at this meeting
closing US term for completing a purchase agreement—sort of like going unconditional; also helping new members sign on the dotted line,
clustering traditional village pattern, increases in density on one part of the site frees up open space
collateral something of demonstrable value that acts as security for a loan and guarantees your performance in the servicing of that loan.
common costs share that amount each unit purchaser contributes as part of their unit price to common costs. A complex and potentially divisive issue.
community garden esp UK, publicly owned urban gardens, usually run on a allotment basis
Companies Act 1993 this is the newly reformed law of companies in NZ. The reform completely repealed the 1955 act and required all companies to reregister. The reform has largely brought our law much nearer to the American corporation. In short it defines the relationships between companies, their directors, shareholders and creditors. Companies are seen as a way to spread economic and business risk. Increased protection is now provided for the abuse of management power. Shareholders have the ultimate authority over the company's constitution, the approval of major transactions, and retaining of directors. Shareholder liability may be limited or unlimited as laid out in the CC. This new act is a very flexible act designed to be used by all manner of companies.
company common legal body to operate businesses see ltd liability
compost toilets modern sanitary devices, that compost bodily wastes in a closed chamber, eg clivas multrum
condition to sale Part of AGSAP, whereby the purchaser only follows through with purchase when conditions are met typically satisfactory title, finance, sometimes planning consent and other feasibility reports
condominium US apartment ownership type, nearest local equivalent is unit title
conflict resolution skilled non-violent win-win approach to solving problems, see diad, triad, mediation
consensus a process of decsion making where all parties agree and own a given decision, assumes a solid meeting culture, and the agreement to agree
consensus seeking acknowledging that true consensus is not always possible, the use of 75% vote when an impasse is reached or time constraints exist
constitution A company requires a constitution where there are provisions in the act which the shareholders wish to change. A company not having a constitution is bound by the provisions in the act. Replaces Memorandum and Articles of association in the old 1955 act
constructed wetland purpose built zone of waterplants, such as reeds to purify polluted water before being released in nature
construction drawings preparing detailed drawings for building consent and use by builder
construction loan loan required by group to complete construction prior to individuals securing mortgages
construction supervision professional role ensuring contractors/builders build as per plans, project manager/site manager
contingency fund necessary part of construction budgets usually 5% to allow for unforeseen expenses, not to be spent on wish list items until the last minute
contract agreement between parties, for which a whole huge body of law exists about. See building contract
contract administration the 4th stage of the architects services, includes managing the tender process, regular observation of the construction process & issuing the payment certificates to the contractor.
contract documentation the preparation of construction drawings and other documents to obtain building consent and call for tenders
contractor a builder or construction company who takes on the contract to build, may sub-contract some or all work
controlled activity District Plan term for activity requiring a RC, which cannot be refused conditions may be attached. Need not be notified or have written consent of parties
conveyancing transfer of land ownership, but can include mortgaging etc
cost actual cost to purchase land, materials and services, differs from price and value
covenant entry on land title, to create conditions to use—legally binding.
CPM chart critical path method of flowcharting interconnecting steps in complex tasks
critical path the shortest path though, steps in the process whose length critically affect project completion date
crosslease two or more parties each has an equal undivided share of ownership of land but leases their own part of the site from all owners.
CT see certificate of title
customisation made to order or modified to individual requirements—costs more not only the extras but extra design time, project mgmt time etc
debt to equity ratio of own equity (in the project) as compared to amounts borrowed
deed plan older version of deposited plan
deemed market value where esp in a related parties transaction, value is assessed not by the sale price but by what it is deemed to be worth on the open market
density no of households or people per unit area (ha)
deposit money paid at the first stage of purchasing property, usually held in trust until contract becomes unconditional, when it passes to the vendors solicitor, the real estate agent takes commission from this. Is forfeited in the event of defaulting on the contract.
deposited plan plan held by land titles office, LINZ formerly DoSLI, showing a sites measurements and relation to neighbourhood. Relates to but distinct from CT. ie each land parcel has both.
design development US term, see developed design
detached housing individual houses with no party walls
detailing of units creating recesses and protrusions in terrace type housing to break monotony
developed design architectural. Development and refinement of the sketch design including spatial arrangements, materials and appearance
developer someone who envisages, finances, coordinates and sells a construction project. A "real" developer has their own money to invest in projects.
development consultant a developer type who can advise on choice of professionals, development strategy, see fee developer
development manager a project manager who in addition to managing construction, also arranges finance and other aspects of a project that the client may instruct. May subcontract the construction supervision part.
devolution the legal concept of the right to sell to whom ever the vendor wishes to sell to
diad conflict resolution tool where two people work through a issue, with guide-lines
disbursement costs which are passed directly from professionals to clients
discretionary activity District plan term for activity requiring resource consent and notification
district council unit of local government in rural areas
district plan council 5 year plan for land use rules, zoning
down-payment US, same as deposit
DP see deposited plan
draw request US term, see progress payment
due diligence AGSAP condition, time for investigation of feasibility, usually only 1-2 weeks
duplex two single family houses adjoining with one party wall
dwellings/ hectare unit of density
earnest money US for option money, free look period see option, due diligence
easement the physical right for some one other than the property owner to have a certain use of that property, commonly for access or drains and cables
eco-sourcing sourcing of plant material from stock that has a genetic history from that locality or ecological district
Eco-Village larger scale than cohousing, several hundred people and particularly including workplaces, schools and other community facilities
edible landscaping ornamental trees and shrubs around buildings that bear food
embodied energy the energy required to produce a given material. Metals and concrete are generally high, untreated timber and earth are low.
encumbrance right to another party recorded against a CT to property?; see mortgage, lien, easement, covenant, caveat
entitled person companies term for a person not necessarily a shareholder who has rights under that company
environment under RMA this is defined widely and includes people and their communities and amenity values / aesthetics. This is the ecocentric /deep ecology viewpoint expressed; see amenity
environmental impact assessment overseas/old term, see AEE—assessment of environmental effects
equity 1. realisable value of homes/ units less debt
2. member's cash invested in the project, that acts as collateral such that banks will lend upon.
escrow US term ?
esplanade reserve reserve vested with the local council usually along waters edge
facilitation skilled role to assist groups in achieving their purpose
feasibility study objective report on project viability, looks at 4 main points: site + engineering, regulatory environment, marketing, and finance
fee developer developer without money in project who is employed for a set fee
fee simple 'estate in fee simple' archaic term still present on land titles—means roughly freehold
finance broker professional who finds and places finance for clients seeking loans, paid by a % of loan amount on closing
financing borrowing either in the short term for construction, or long term mortgages
first generation cohousing early Scandinavian projects, large private homes, small common house
first option ?
flat owning company FOC a company the constitution of which provides that the registered shareholders are entitled to occupy or use a specified residential flat or office forming part of a building owned by the company. A "license to occupy" is issued to each shareholder; see LTO
four sale approach cohousers must be sold on concept, people, location and home
fourth generation cohousing clusters of second and third generation cohousing brought together in village
freehold outright ownership of real property as cf leasehold, subject to rates, and other local govt law, and the right of govt compulsory acquisition. Does not mean mortgage free
future development unit FDU those spaces labeled as such on a proposed unit development plan in a staged development. They are left to be defined in subsequent stage unit plan which existing proprietors must agree to.
gannt chart project scheduling horizontal bar graph showing when tasks must be completed, doesn't show task dependencies
garden apartment US, apartments 1-3 storey 16-40 u/a, clustered parking
gathering node transition place in cohousing between units and common house, small sitting area or play area
gearing using borrowed funds to buy an asset, highly geared means high debt to equity—has associated risks and advantages, see also leverage
genetic pollution planting native stock sourced from distant areas
gentrification housing increasing in value in CBDs and other successful transit nodes, the forcing out of lower income households
good faith legal concept which means where a person was seen as not acting maliciously
greenfields urban fringe/ rural sites becoming suitable or under pressure for development
greenway revegetated corridor for either pedestrian use or waterways restored as stormwater purifiers
greywater household wastewater from baths, kitchen and laundry
gross density
group process the way(s) is which a group operates to honour the individuals and the collective
GST goods and services tax, 12.5%, payable on most things except rent, finance , and 2nd hand houses
guarantee an unsecured yet legally binding commitment to pay a lender in the event of the lender needing to recoup losses against a loan. Most banks now require these esp to so called ltd liability companies.
guarantor a person or entity giving a guarantee
hard costs construction and land costs
hectare 10,000m², 2.5 acres
high-rise over 12 stories
human scale structures or systems that are comfortable and comprehendible by people, traditional
impact levies developers liability to contribute toward local infrastructure
incorporated society legal entity for non profit organisations with membership fee. Members can not make profit
incremental investment as members become more comfortable and trusting of each other they are able to invest more in the project eventually having invested more than they are willing to lose
indefeasability concept of the provision of a state guaranteed title due to all real property titles being actually registered by the DLR
infrastructure generic term for roads, drains, powerlines etc, also sometimes, schools hospitals etc
intentional communities 1980's term for people deliberately living collectively often with high levels of communal assets/ finances. ethical/religious beliefs
intergenerational mixed generations living together, ie young and old
joint tenancy 2 people own land in a way where the share of one person upon their death automatically passes to the surviving owner, see tenants in common
joint venture
jointly and severally as in a partnership—parties are not necessarily seen as exposed equally. The person whose assets are the most accessible is likely to end up more liable. Partners may agree to indemnify each other in this event—ie spread actual payment of debt pro rata, however their only recourse is through the courts
kaitiakitanga stewardship. The exercise of guardianship of natural resources of an area by tangata whenua in accordance with tikanga Maori. (kaitiaki~guardian)
Land Transfer Act 1952 generally covers a bunch of stuff about the sale and purchase of land, titles and mortgages. Specifically it is home of the FOCs law s121A-P as inserted by LTAmAct 1993. Prior to this time FOCs were held by the companies act
lawyer one of the key advisers needed to deal with real estate, contracts and business law
leasehold land held under lease from a property trust, with the payment of annual lease fee. At end of lease period lease may be renewed or withdrawn. Occupiers don't share any increase in the and value
leverage US, borrowing against assets to borrow additional money to invest usually for the purpose of making a profit
license to occupy LTO, formal license which grants a right to use a company or persons property, for which either a price or a rental fee. Can be issued by a FOC, (rarely nowadays) and more commonly by a owner/ developer of retirement villages. 57% of retirement villages are now owned like this.
life cycle costing considering running cost as well as initial cost, may also incl final disposal cost
light earth method earth build technique of mostly straw with a slurry of mud pressed into boxing
LIM report land information memorandum, produced by city or district council describing information about a property such as rates, zoning, drainage and consents
limited discretionary activity Requires resource consent, which may be refused, but need not be notified or have written permission of parties obtained
limited liability liability of shareholders limited to the amount of there shareholding (paid or unpaid). Limited liability companies are not so limited now a days; see companies act
link old imperial unit of distance—one hundredth of a chain, approx 5m
liquid assets assets easily converted into cash, ie not land or homes
loan commitment agreement from financier, bank etc to loan money after review of strategy, budgets etc
loan proceeds amount of loan. Fees and points must be taken out of this leaving you with less
local agenda 21 Local government policy to adopt agenda 21 ideas at the local council level
low-rise 3--4 Stories 40-80 units/acre
LTO see license to occupy
macro location one of two aspects of location, location in region, proximity to urban nodes, town centres amenities etc
majority voting decision made on the basis of more than 50%, chairperson to have casting vote
mana whenua Maori concept of prestige conferred by control of land, customary authority over a tribal area
mark up that added to price to cover overheads and profit
mediation conflict resolution process where a skilled third party assists parties to find a solution
Medium Density usually 30-40 u/ha, as defined by WCC sites over 2000m2, height limit 11m, walking distance to transit, and a bunch of other performance criteria
memorandum item appended to company or trust documents
mews terraced townhouses in parallel rows
micro location immediate environment of a site, eg street
midrise 4-12 stories
mixed use incorporating different kinds of land uses in one area, eg apartments over retail with the intention of increasing accessibility
mortgage broker see finance broker
mortgagee a person loaned money and giving over the title to a property as security
mortgagor a lender who loans money to someone whilst holding the title of the property as security
neo extended family people who are not necessarily related but with whom one shares ethical ties and is dependant on in every day life
neotraditional development rehash of the old American small town, grid layout, porches and picket fences
net density
new town UK esp, town built from scratch 1-2 hours form major centre to alleviate sprawl, not often successful
new urbanism planning philosophy whereby town centres are revitalised by densifying around transit nodes and mixing uses, see urban villages
non-toxic materials building products, usually natural that do not give off harmful gases, radiation etc Tend to recycle easily
notification certain types of resource consents require public notification, with its consequent submission and hearing process. Costs more and takes much time, see Discretionary activity
nuclear family social, physical and economic entity -man and woman and their offspring
offsetting of terraces staggering or stepping of dwellings with a terrace
option period
organic food grown while taking care of soil, plant and animal health, and without toxic chemicals, esp that certified Biogro or Demeter (Biodynamic) in NZ
overheads expenses necessary to provide product at a price
parcel lot, section of land
participatory process a group process that is inclusive of all persons, consensus, particularly members input to design process
partnership legal entity/ agreement that lays down terms of 2 or more people in business together. Partners are jointly and severally liable and a new agreement is required where a party changes
party wall a wall shared by two or more units. Needs good acoustic insulation
passive solar warming and cooling of buildings purely through design measures of the building structure, such as oriented north, eaves, thermal mass etc
pedestrian dominated spaces design primarily for non motorised traffic. Cars etc are accommodated but only infrequently
perche 30 and a quarter square yards
performance zoning relaxation of usually rigid local authority rules, in favour of an approached where the overall development is assessed on its merits according to a set of criteria, see PUD
Permaculture Understanding the interconnections and diversity of nature to design productive exotic agrisystems to support self reliance
permanent financing mortgages, or long term financing as cf development funding
permitted activity district plan term for activities or landuses not requiring a resource consent
photovoltaic solar panels that generate low voltage DC electricity
PIM project information memorandum, council report that sets out information relating to the project form council files.
pise see rammed earth
points US term, extra fees on development loans, percent of loan amount, paid out of loan amount.
poll name for a formal vote, esp company. Provisions for who may call one and on what basis the vote shall be taken are usually pre determined.
polyhedron unit title term for airspace. A multisided space with all dimensions defined which may or may not define precisely the outer perimeter of a building, or any building at all
possession date when you take possession of property, usually same as settlement date but not always.
post occupancy development fees cohousing residents who want to add on one day, pay a fee to the community to contribute toward the cost of land etc
post occupancy evaluation architects task ( although infrequently done) of checking to see how design worked out in practice. Useful feedback for architect and for future clients
preliminary design /sketch design. The initial design stage by the architect who proposes a concept based upon the clients brief
prequalification getting a commitment from a bank to provide a mortgage prior to needing it. Useful for members unsure of their purchasing power, but often required by construction lenders
pressed earth brick subsoil/cement pressed in ramming device
price total cost of unit or project including overheads and profit
pricing price set for a product
principal the amount of loan
principle unit unit title term for that airspace designated on a unit plan for a proprietors use as a place of residence (or business); see accessory unit
pro rata that according to an equivalent percentage share for each relative to each's amount
production housing houses designed and built in bulk, costs less than custom housing
professional indemnity insurance covers claims against a professional where mistakes have caused losses.
profit and loss account statement of revenues, expenses, gains and losses of a entities operation over a period
proforma US term for preliminary budget before costs are known accurately
program US term for document outlining the groups design requirements, showing generalities and relationships. Brief in NZ
programming-site US term for initial architectural task of finding out what the client wants for the site. In cohousing most of this is done by the group
progress payment (+claim) contractors incremental (formal requests for) payments from client as construction progresses
prohibited activity District plan term for activities that are... well... prohibited. A RC will not be granted
project budget a schedule of costs expected in a project and used for contracts
project manager professional whose task is to coordinate construction, usually separate from the contractor. This term does have a range of meanings; see development manager
property rights The rights or call for rights of those owning real property to do with such property as the owner sees fit. cf public interest, nuisance etc
proposed district plan District Plan before it becomes operational. It is considered effective, however where there is difference between the proposed plan and the former plan, the stricter rule applies,depending on how far through the process is
proposed unit development plan required for a staged unit title development. It shows each existing unit along with future development units
proprietor common legal word for owner of say a unit in a unit titles development
public hearing The hearing of submitters to Resource consent applications or plan changes
PUD planned unit development, US development type where the development is assessed as a whole, eg preservation of natural areas allows increases in density elsewhere. WCC medium density approach
rammed earth subsoil / cement mix rammed between formwork to build monolithic walls for building
rangatiratanga Maori concept of sovereignty, ultimate authority over resources
reducing mortgage the amount of principal paid back stays the same, the interest decreases.
regional council a layer between city and district councils and central government. Charged particularly with protecting soil and water resources
regional plan the regional councils 5 yr plan for managing regional resources
registrar DLR
related parties transaction where for instance a company sells goods or services to its shareholders
request for proposal US, document inviting professionals to make specific proposals regarding the provision of services for a fee
reserve contribution Developers/ subdividers must make this among others contribution toward parks in the neighbourhood. It is payable in either land or money
residual valuation Method of determining value, esp what you can afford to pay for land taking into account costs and selling price
resource consent Permission to carry out an activity that is not expressly provided for as a permitted activity in the relevant plan
resource consent application application put to council for consent to use land in other than a permitted activity
Resource Management Act 1991 RMA. The "planning" statute in NZ—an act to restate and reform the law relating to the use of land, air and water. The concept of sustainable management is central to it. This is about thinking long term—taking care of the life supporting capacity of the planet in such a way as to meet the "reasonably foreseeable" needs of future generations. It is supposed to be an "effects" based act, ie rather than regulating uses and activities, it requires parties "using" resources to show that what they are wanting to do will stack up environmentally. Supercedes the Town and Country Planning Act. Amendments 93,94,96,97; see environment
RMA see Resource Management Act
rood 1/4 acre
round Meeting tool for hearing everyone's feeling about an contentious issue Each person speaks uninterrupted
scale down phenomena the tendency among cohousers to at the last minute choose a unit smaller than originally intended
schematic design US, see preliminary design
second generation cohousing homes down to 95m², common house up to 450m²
self selection people choose themselves into a project based on their full knowledge of what they are getting into. If the groundwork is clear then a strong community ethic arises by itself
semi detached housing adjoining on one side eg duplex
services traditionally stormwater, sewage, water supply, roading, power and phone usually
settlement date date on AGSAP when the outstanding balance is due and possession is usually assumed
sewage urine, faeces and water
sewerage pipes for carrying sewage
share certificate
share register
simple majority that exceeding 50%
site planning Looking at how a site will be laid out, positions and relationships of buildings, open space and roads and taking into account such things as sun, wind and connections with neighbourhood
soft costs
Solar aquatics new technology for wastewater treatment using tanks of waterplants in a greenhouse
special resolution a kind of vote where more fundamental matters are at stake and which require some kind of super majority
square foot
square metre 10.8 square feet
stacking placing one dwelling over another, likely for very small units. Saves space and building materials.
stage unit plan a plan to be registeresd with the registrar showing details for that stage
staged development a development completed and sold in a series of stages. With unit title a 'proposed unit development plan', and a 'stage unit plan' for each stage, as well as a final unit plan are all required.
stamp duty charge on legal documents. Conveyance duty is paid on commercial real estate and shares 1-2%, residential property and LTOs are exempt.
standardisation having only a small range of dwelling designs to choose from, necessary in production housing to save costs
strata title equivalent to unit title
stratum estate generic term for a freehold of a strata, airspace (high rise esp) or part of a larger title / development complex. Title is a strong as if owning a building on its own property.
strawbale housing house constructed form literally bricks of haybales, then plastered
subdivision the division of a larger title into a number of smaller titles. Many separate rules and provisions under RMA (cross leases now deemed a subdivision)
submission formal response to RC application or plan change
supplementary record sheet additional documentation which can be attached to a unit plan
sustainability nebulous buzzword for considering the long term in development
sustainable management RMA term for using resources in a way which both provides for our economic wellbeing while providing for the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations
sustainable development more involved term meaning a balance of social economic and environmental concern. Also international economic equity
sweat equity where intending residents can earn part of their way into the cost of a unit by working on the project. Difficult to implement in cohousing
table mortgages repayments stay the same over time, early payments are mostly interest
take out loan US term for mortgage, often the construction lender will require purchasers to have this approved.
talking stick ritual sharing tool to allow a person to speak uninterrupted and without comment. Stems from amer-Indian and Maori traditions. Sometimes concludes with a song to convey spirit of message
tele-commute working at home, or at neighbourhood centres (tele cottages UK) via computer and modem links
tenants in common multiple persons owning real estate, in equal or unequal shares, recorded on title, upon death share goes to heirs cf joint tenants
tenders intending buyers or contractors make sealed written bids, any or all not necessarily accepted. Closed tenders have a deadline.
terraces houses built with party walls both sides, usually 2-3 story and straight rows, removes useless narrow spaces between houses when densities increase
thermal mass heavy building materials that absorb and release heat to stabilise room temperatures
third generation cohousing more and more resources channeled into common facilities ,glass streets
time line document showing when things are expected to be done
title see CT
TLA teritorial local authority, phew, read council. Includes city, district, regional and unitary councils.
torrens system of land title registration as exists in NZ and Australia—based upon title not deed cf US
town house here it is usually 2-3 story, mid sized homes with internal garaging and very small landscaped outdoor spaces, often adjoining. US meaning a bit different…
transition zones features or spaces that help merge between private and public space
transport node (transit node) major transport interchange esp rail. Often candidates for mix of uses and densification
triad conflict resolution technique that involves a moderately skilled third party to help
trust legal entity where trustees administer assets for the benefit of beneficiaries. Autocratic
unanimous resolution where a vote can only be passed with the agreement of all parties
unconditional Real estate purchase when conditions have been removed and deposit becomes non refundable
undivided share a equal / unequal / pro rata but unidentified share of ownership of property, but with no part for the exclusive use by any body
unimproved value
unit a part of the land or space of a defined shape and size being within a unit title development, and possibly incorporating any accessory units and an undivided interest of common space
unit entitlement UE number relative to the value of each unit in relation the value of each other unit. Determines shares of votes, payment of levies and misc other rights and liabilities. Set upon unit creation and can not be changed until a new unit plan is registered.
unit plan shows in plan and elevation the location and size of each unit, accessory unit, FDU, and common space. Only one building needs to have all dimensions marked the others are drawn in relation to that one. Unit entitlements are attached as are BC rules
unit pricing prices established for each unit, adding up to the total project cost
unit selection process most groups decide to select units based on the sequence in which the h/h joined the group as an equity member. However a little give and take usually sees everybody happy while catering for personal circumstances
unit title type of real estate ownership, where individual parties own spaces both privately and collectively that are not as clearly definable as with lot boundaries, in fact what you owned is the space between the walls.
Unit Titles Act 1972 Statute providing for the development and sale of a stratum estate in fee simple to a defined space within a larger building or land. Each 'proprietor' forms the body corporate, which is a separate entity that manages both common property and inter unit owner relationships. Unit owner's rights are strongly protected, with unanimous resolutions required to change the BC rules and for other matters. Amended in 1979 to accommodate staged developments, however these are still one of the major problems of the act.
urban flight the flight of those that can afford to, from deteriorating downtown areas to suburbs to lifestyle blocks
urban sprawl the spread of urban areas into surrounding countryside, caused by motorways and land speculation
urban village more recent concept drawing on old mixed use, transit oriented, medium density and walkable town centres
value what the market is willing to pay for something
valuer determines value of units and project, providing this info particularly to lenders, paid by lender or developer
variation order document form the architect to the contractor authorizing a change to the contract for a specified price
vendor person(s) selling their property
vendor financing financing provided by the vendor ie leaving money in for a long settlement date
village traditional form for community, clustered housing, close social ties ,but often with restrictive traditions and practises that limited education and individual freedom
wastewater generic term for water containing impurities, also of late sewage
zoning council practise of designating certain parts of cities to certain (single) land uses such as residential or commercial. Going through a bit of of an unPC patch with the mixing of uses, but will live on. In WCC zones are known as 'environments. Management areas are the new thing, which regulate outcomes not activities.

AUTHOR: Peter Scott
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