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National - what's on!

3 April 2000

*** NATIONAL ***

~ 16 to 21 April - national speaking tour by Dennis Halliday, Wellington 16-18 April, Christchurch 19 April, Auckland 20-21 April - see under ‘local’ for public meetings in your area (they are not all confirmed yet, we will circulate the details when they are). A former United Nations assistant Secretary-general, Denis Halliday resigned in late 1998 in protest at the sanctions against Iraq, ending a long and distinguished diplomatic career. He comes to New Zealand direct from London where he has been filming a documentary on the civilian impact of sanctions with John Pilger (for ITV). In New Zealand, Denis Halliday will address the issues of the legality of the sanctions, their humanitarian impact on Iraq's civilian population and how the sanctions have strengthened the hold that Saddam Hussein's regime has on Iraq. Dennis’s visit is being co-ordinated by the Iraq Sanctions Medical Alert Group (ISMAG), ISMAG contact - Dr. Marten Hutt, fax: (04) 463 6568,

~ 17-18 April - ‘Flaxroots Technology: Claiming the Internet for Community’ inaugural national conference for people interested in community development through the use of information and communication technologies to empower their communities. For more info contact Stephen Blyth, Community Development Group, PO Box 805, Wellington,, tel (04) 494 0580, fax 495 9444,

~ 24 - 28 April - 'Just Peace?' conference, to be held at Massey’s Albany campus, check out

~ 1 May (MayDay2k) - a global day of action against capitalism is planned, in the spirit of the June 18 protests last year. For info on what is happening in Aotearoa, contact (for Wellington details) or (Christchurch).

~ 6 - 8 July - ‘Treaty Conference 2000 and beyond’, to be held in Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland, contact Betsan Martin or Ingrid Huygens

***** LOCAL *****


~ WEDS, 19 April - public meeting with Dennis Halliday, details to be confirmed.


~ongoing - ‘Effects of Modern Warfare on Civilian Populations : What the media didn’t show about the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia’ - photographic exhibition. The exhibition continues as follows: Faculty of Law: 6 - 17 March; Wellington Central Library, 19 March - 1 April; St Andrews on the Terrace: 4 - 7 April; St Aidan's Parish Church, 8 April.

~ TUES, 4 April - the Campaign Against Factory Farming has now collected more than 75,000 signatures on the petition calling for a ban on the use of the sow crate on pig farms, and we are handing it in to parliament on Tuesday, April 4th. We need as many people as possible to attend a rally outside parliament where we will hand the petition over to the government, so please come along. There will be speakers representing the SPCA, SAFE and Animal Action, as well as the Green party and the government, 12-30pm at parliament grounds, for more info contact Mark on (04) 385-6728

~ THURS, 6 April - Peace Lunch Forum - an informal lunch time session to exchange peace news, bring your lunch, your leaflets, your news and views, tea and coffee provided, 1 pm to 2pm on the first Thursday of each month at the PMA offices, Rooms 16 and 17, Trades Hall, 126 Vivian Street, Wellington. If you are not able to attend in person, or live outside Wellington, you can send leaflets, notices, whatever you want to share to the lunch forum via PMA, PO Box 9314, Wellington, tel (04) 382 8129, fax (04) 382 8173,

~ THURS, 6 April - Silent protest and candle light vigil outside ERMA to draw attention to the fact that ERMA has not turned down a single application to field trial genetically engineered organisms to date. The ERMA hearings which start on Thursday are to consider an application to put Belgian Blue (cattle) genes into sheep. Protests will be held outside the building for the duration of the hearing. Meet at 8-30am outside ERMA, 20 CustomHouse Quay, Wellington. There will be a candle light vigil at 7pm. For more info please contact Trudy Burgess, or Maryanne, RAGE, tel (04) 589 1125.

~ TUES, 11 April - Peter Watson (Peace Brigades International) speaks about his recent visit to West Timor, where he worked as part of a PBI project with Timorese still displaced in the camps on the border. Lunchtime meeting with interested people, 12-10pm to 1-10pm, Caritas Meeting Room 2, First Floor, Catholic Centre, 22-30 Hill Street, Thorndon. Bring your lunch if you wish.


~ FRI, 21 April - public meeting with Dennis Halliday, details to be confirmed.

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