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This page is usually updated once a fortnight. Events are also added to our Facebook page. If you would like to receive event listings by email, please send a message to Peace Movement Aotearoa with 'Join what's on e-list' in the subject line. If you would like to go on the full Peace Movement Aotearoa e-list, to receive Action Alerts and Updates as well as the event listings, please send a message to Peace Movement Aotearoa with 'Join full e-list' in the subject line.

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International listings

  • Wednesday, 10 December - Human Rights Day, marked every year by the international community on the anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Right in 1948. Information about this year's Human Rights Day theme is available here. In Aotearoa New Zealand, White Poppy Peace Scholarships applications open each year on Human Rights Day, details - On Facebook - On Scoop - Formatted for printing - Scholarships site.
  • Monday, 1 December - West Papua Independence Day, this year marking the fifty third anniversary of West Papuan independence from the Netherlands in 1961, a short-lived independence as West Papua has been occupied by the Indonesian military since it was handed over, against the will of the indigenous population, to Indonesia in 1963. In West Papua, people mark Independence Day in a variety of ways, including raising the Morning Star (the West Papuan flag) - despite the threat of arrest and murder. In previous years, the Indonesian military and police have responded with increased violent oppression around this day, arresting and killing those they perceive as pro-independence activists. West Papua Independence Day is marked by solidarity events around the world, including here in Aotearoa New Zealand - details are available here.
  • Monday, 1 December - Prisoners for Peace Day, to support those imprisoned for actions for peace. Many are conscientious objectors, in gaol for refusing to join the military, others have taken nonviolent actions to disrupt preparation for war. This day is a chance for you to demonstrate your support for them. Further information is available here.
  • Tuesday, 11 November - Armistice Day: details of the peace vigils in Aotearoa New Zealand are available here.
  • Ongoing - From nuclear weapons-free Aotearoa New Zealand to a nuclear weapons-free world: join the call for action!

National listings

  • Wednesday, 10 December - Applications for 2015 Peace Scholarships open on Human Rights Day, details - On Facebook - On Scoop - Formatted for printing
  • Monday, 1 December - West Papua Independence Day: details of the West Papua solidarity events in Aotearoa New Zealand are available here.
  • Wednesday, 5 November - Parihaka Day, the 133rd anniversary of the invasion and plundering of Parihaka by a colonial invasion force led by two Members of Parliament - information about the events prior to, during and after the invasion are available here. Details of the events to mark the Day in Dunedin, New Plymouth and Auckland on 5 November, and in Auckland on 10 November, are available here.
  • Saturday, 8 November - World War One: How shall we remember them? Study Day from 8-30am to 5pm (registration from 8.30am, programme begins at 9am): * Opening prayers by the Right Reverend Te Kitohi Pikaahu, Bishop of Tai Tokerau * Does the way we remember war affect our collective morality? Professor Richard Jackson, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Otago University * Anniversaries of War, Remembering in 2014, Associate Professor Annabel Cooper, Otago University * Did the Church yield to the State and prevailing attitudes in society? If so, why? What can we learn from this? Professor Peter Lineham, Massey University * How do we understand the evil that led to the huge death toll? How can we be empowered to live peacefully together? Dr Andrew Shepherd, formerly Centre for Theology and Public Issues, Otago University * Panel: Who Chose to Resist? with Nanaia Mahuta MP on Princess Te Puea; historian Megan Hutching, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom on New Zealand women who opposed the war; Ryan Bodman on the Passive Resisters' Union; Chairperson: Keith Locke, former Green MP * Enabling a century of warfare - the role of scientists, Associate Professor Peter Wills, Department of Physics, Auckland University * Remembering WW1 in the context of ongoing militarism, Edwina Hughes, Peace Movement Aotearoa. At the St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckland; cost is $20 including lunch, to be paid on the day. Pre-registration is essential for catering purposes, by email or tel 09 575 6142. Arranged by the Aotearoa New Zealand Peace and Conflict Centre Trust, NZ Christian Network, Pax Christi, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship and Auckland Labour History Group. The A4 poster, which includes the programme, is available here, and the Facebook event is here.
  • Tuesday, 11 November - Armistice Day peace vigils coordinated nationwide by Peace Movement Aotearoa, in association with Quakers, details are available here.
  • Ongoing - White Poppies for Peace: are available at any time during the year for a donation to the White Poppy Peace Schlolarships, or you can order poppies for your peace event then send us the donations collected afterwards. You can order white poppies by post, please use the form available here, or by email. All proceeds go to the White Poppy Peace Schlolarships, more information is available on this web page.
  • Ongoing - WWI anniversary discussion meetings for peace groups and peace communities, information is available here.
  • Time for change: A framework for community discussion on values-based and Treaty-based constitutional arrangements, published by Peace Movement Aotearoa, December 2012.
  • Ngapuhi Speaks: He Wakaputanga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi - Independent Report on the Ngapuhi Nui Tonu interim hearings, November 2012   - Details on Facebook   - A4 poster
  • Ongoing - From nuclear weapons-free Aotearoa New Zealand to a nuclear weapons-free world: Time for action on a global ban on nuclear weapons, find out more on the iCAN Aotearoa New Zealand site.
  • 'Treaty of Waitangi: Questions and Answers' - the revised and updated edition of 'Treaty Questions and Answers' which was first published by Network Waitangi in 1989. Covering many historical and contemporary issues, it is for people who would like to gain a basic knowledge about the Treaty of Waitangi and its implications, as well as for those who wish to refresh and update their understanding. The publication includes a summary of legislation and actions since 1840 which have breached the Treaty, and a comprehensive reading list. The online version of 'Treaty of Waitangi: Questions and Answers', together with information about where you can get hard copies, is on this web page.
  • 'Pou Korero: A journalists' guide to Maori and current affairs' - by Carol Archie. While written primarily as a guide for journalists, 'Pou Korero' is an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in how Maori are portrayed by the Pakeha media and how this affects the way Maori are perceived by other New Zealanders - and, most importantly, how this can be improved. As well as practical guidance for journalists, such as reporting Maori occasions and including Maori perspectives in news rounds, 'Pou Korero' contains reflections and ideas which are valuable for anyone wanting to move beyond the dominant mono-cultural ways of thinking and behaving, it provides useful insights that are applicable in any profession or area of work. More information about the book, and how you can get a copy, is available here.

Local listings - scan down the page for listings for your area


  • Monday, 1 December - West Papua Independence Day: details of the West Papua solidarity events in Auckland are available here.
  • Saturday, 6 December - Rally for Justice and Peace in Palestine: come and support justice and peace based on an end to 46 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (including East Jerusalem), the right of return for Palestinian refugees, sharing Jerusalem, vacating all settlement colonies in Israeli occupied Palestine, and dismantling Israel's annexation / apartheid wall in occupied Palestine. Starts 2pm, QEII Square, Customs Street and Queen Street intersection, outside Downtown Shopping Centre. Organised by the Palestine Human Rights Campaign, for more information contact email or go to this web site.

Wellington area

  • Monday, 1 December - West Papua Independence Day: details of the West Papua solidarity event in Wellington are available here.
  • Thursday, 4 December - Honour the war dead by ending war / End NZ support for the 'war on terrorism' peace vigil, from 5pm to 5.30pm at the Cenotaph, corner Lambton Quay and Bowen Street. The vigils are held on the first Thursday of each month except January, for more information contact Peace Movement Aotearoa email.


  • Monday, 1 December - West Papua Independence Day: details of the West Papua solidarity event in Christchurch are available here.


  • Ongoing - Port Otago dredging: a campaign to raise public awareness about Port Otago Ltd’s recently notified application to dredge 7.2 million cubic metres of harbour bottom. The applicant proposes to dump the spoil some 6.3 kilometres off Taiaroa Head, with a resultant sediment plume stretching many kilometres north and south of the deposition zone. The proposal is the largest and most intensive single dredging programme that the Harbour has seen in its history, and the wider environmental effects are as yet not wholly understood. For more information go to this web site or email.
  • Ongoing - details of seminars and discussions at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Otago University, are available here.

Some photos of peace and related events

More photos are available on the Peace Movement Aotearoa Facebook page ...

Women Say NO to War, March 2006 | Hikoi, October 2006 | International Day of Peace 2007 | Hikoi mo te Iwi, 2007 | West Papua solidarity 2007 | NZ Super Fund invests in death and destruction, Wellington, 2008 | 'Pacific demilitarisation, disarmament and human security' meeting + 'Remember Lebanon: Ban Cluster Bombs', Auckland, 2008 | Waihopai Ploughares: Fundraising for Iraq, Wellington, 2008 | Russia: stop using cluster bombs, Wellington, 2008 | Waihopai Ploughshares Support, Wellington, 2008 | Presentation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples' petition to parliament, 2008 | Visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Wellington, 2010 | Solidarity with West Papua on 1 December 2010 | Marking West Papua Day of Peace 2011 in Wellington | White Poppies for Peace Annual Appeal, April 2011 | Global Day of Action on Military Spending, April 2011 | Waihopai Ploughshares: EnemyLove, St Andrew's on The Terrace, August 2011 | International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Aotearoa New Zealand (iCAN ANZ) launch, July 2011 | iCAN ANZ Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days event, August 2011 | Pacific Island Forum, Auckland, September 2011 - Greeting the UN Secretary-General - Greeting Pacific Island Forum leaders - West Papua public meeting | Me Rongo Peace Congress, November 2011 | West Papua solidarity, Wellington, 1 December 2011 | International Women's Day in Wellington, 2012: Wellington Women Walk For Peace - Women Say NO to War | 2012 Global Day of Action events in Aotearoa New Zealand | Act now for West Papua, Wellington, August 2012 | Hiroshima hibakusha visit Wellington, August 2012 | International Day of Peace 2012, Wellington, September 2012 | 'West Papua, gender and human rights' forum, Wellington, November 2012 | Solidarity with West Papua, Wellington, December 2012 | Banning nuclear weapons: Post-Oslo conference NGO briefing, Wellington, March 2013 | Women Say NO to War, International Women's Day 2013 | Global Day of Action on Military Spending, April 2013 | Waihopai Ploughshares action, Wellington May 2013 | Waihopai Ploughshares Court of Appeal hearing, Wellington May 2013 | Responsibility to Protect Ecumenical Study Day, Auckland, September 2013 | Trench warfare? Wellington, October 2013 | Solidarity with West Papua, Wellington, December 2013

To advertise your event

If you would like your event included on this web page and in the Peace Movement Aotearoa what's on where e-listings, please send the details - including contact details for at least one of the people organising it - to Peace Movement Aotearoa:

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