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Time for change
A framework for community
discussion on values-based and Treaty-based
constitutional arrangements

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While the thought of a discussion on constitutional matters may seem daunting and far removed from daily life, the exercise of public power has a direct impact on us all on an ongoing basis.

'Time for change' provides a framework for Pakeha / Tauiwi organisations to use for discussion within their organisations, as well as for wider community discussions, on moving towards Treaty-based and values-based constitutional arrangements.

This is an opportunity to contribute to discussions about developing constitutional arrangements that would ensure a better, fairer society for all New Zealanders - with protection for the guarantees of the Treaty, for human rights, for the environment, and for real democracy - now and for future generations.

For more information, please contact Peace Movement Aotearoa with 'Time for change: Constitutional change resource' in the subject line of your message.

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