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Action Alert - Human Rights Amendment Bill Update

Peace Movement Aotearoa

PO Box 9314, Wellington. Tel (04) 382 8129, fax (04) 382 8173,

Issued 4 November 1998

Kia ora,

the Human Rights Amendment Bill may be up before parliament again this week, and rather than write our own alert on this again, we found Richard's one says it all - so are passing it on to you with our thanks to him !

The Human Rights Amendment Bill is likley to have its second reading this week. The core provisions of the Bill are:
  • make permanent the current temporary exemption of government (existing and future regulations and legislation) from the Human Rights Act 1993
  • cancel the consistency 2000 process

More information can be found about the changes to the Human Rights Act at the following websites:

The Bill can be stopped if the Government does not have a majority in the House. This can occur if the following MPs vote against the Bill.

Please fax or phone today the following MPs telling them to oppose the Human Rights Amendment Bill. You can send an email to the email to fax address and it will print out as a fax at their end while only being an email at yours. MPs to target are (in order of priority):

Rev Ann Batten
Fax (04) 471 2414
Phone (04) 470 6699
Email to fax remote-printer.Rev_Ann_Batten/

Hon Deborah Morris
Fax (04) 4711443
Phone (04) 471 9977
Email to Fax remote-printer.Hon_Deborah_Morris/

Manu Alamein Kopu
Phone (04) 470 6652

Hon Chris Fletcher
Fax (04) 473 0469
Phone (04) 471 9492
Email to fax remote-printer.Hon_Chris_Fletcher/

Hon Neil Kirton
Phone (04) 470 6682

Hon Peter Dunne
Fax (04) 499 7266
Phone (04) 471 9490
Email to Fax remote-printer.Hon_Peter_Dunne/

Rana Waitai
Fax (04) 472 7751
Phone (04) 470 6689
Email to Fax remote-printer.Rana_Waitai/

Hon Robyn McDonald
Fax (04) 473 7504
Phone (04) 4719959
Email to Fax remote-printer.Hon_Robyn_MacDonald/

Richard Davis
Research/Executive Officer
Joint Methodist Presbyterian Public Questions Committee
PO Box 9049, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
Phone: +64-4-801 6000 Fax: +64-4-801 6001

More information at:
PMA Newsletter - September-October 1998

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