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Action Alert - Welfare Reform in the USA?

Peace Movement Aotearoa

PO Box 9314, Wellington. Tel (04) 382 8129, fax (04) 382 8173,

Issued 11 March 1999



Later this month Caritas is bringing Fr Fred Kammer to NZ to give the 1999 lecture for the Caritas Annual Lecture Series. The lectures are on 'Welfare Reform in the USA' (from a social justice perspective). While in NZ, he will also be running workshops for people involved in social services/social justice work. The workshops are entitled 'Experiences of Darkness and Light in Social Ministry'.

Fr Fred Kammer is the director of the largest, private, non-profit social services networks in the United States - Catholic Charities USA. Catholic Charities serves over thirteen million Americans every year, and operates on an annual budget of over two billion US dollars. Clearly the scope of the work of this organisation is vast, and enables Fr Kammer and his colleagues to get a very real feel for how the recent welfare reforms have impacted on the population.

The insights that Fr Kammer has to share will be most valuable for all who have an interest in the provision of welfare services, or who are interested in social justice issues generally. With the recent welfare reforms in our own country, which bear some similarity to those of the U.S, I am sure people will find the American experiences very interesting, and relevant to our own.

Fr Kammer's workshops will also be very valuable for those who work in these areas - for learning how to nurture ourselves in the work we are called to do, how to maintain our vision and our strength in the face of adversity, and therefore how to make our work more effective.


Wellington, Mon 22nd March: workshop 9.00am to 4.30pm, Connelly Hall, Guildford Tce, Wgtn.

Wellington, Tues 23rd March: lecture (by invitation only as it is at parliament - please get in touch with Louise for an 'official' invitation) 6.00pm to 7.30pm, Beehive Theatrette, Parliament, Wgtn, sponsored by Steve Maharey MP.

Auckland: Wednesday 24th March: public lecture, 7.00pm to 8.30pm, The Crypt, St Benedicts, 1 St Benedicts Street, Newton, Auckland.

Auckland: Thursday 25th March: workshop, 9.00am to 4.30pm, Marcellin Hall, 30 Korma Road, Royal Oak, Auckland.

Christchurch: Friday 26th March: workshop, 9.00am to 4.30pm, Sockburn Parish Centre (Our Lady of Victories Parish), 106 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch.

Please spread this information through your networks, and get back to me if you would like to attend any of these events - tel (04) 496 1742,

Louise May

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