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Action Alert - Food Irradiation Submissions

Peace Movement Aotearoa

PO Box 9314, Wellington. Tel (04) 382 8129, fax (04) 382 8173,

Issued 15 March 1999

Deadline : 26 March 1999

ANZFA (the Australia New Zealand Food Authority, Te Mana Whakarite Kaimo Ahitereiria me Aotearoa) has drafted a proposal (P89B) to establish a standard for irradiated food. This standard would legitimate and regularise the importation of foods which have been treated by irradiation. The acceptance of this proposal would be the thin end of a very dangerous wedge, the final end result of which could be the routine irradiation of many foods, the establishing of irradiation plants in New Zealand, and the further erosion of the hygiene standards of food production, preparation, and

* Where to Obtain the Proposal

Copies of the proposal are available online from ANZFA or FactSheets/Food_Irradiation_Explanatory_Notes_NZ_Consultation_Proposal_P89B.htm or by contacting them, tel (04) 473 9942, and asking for a copy of proposal P89B. They are very efficient sending the information out - you should receive it within 2 days.

* Get Involved!

Go to the Sustainable Wellington website for loads more information and :

~ the Food Irradiation Get Involved page for points to raise, submission addresses, and sample letter;

~ an annotated copy of the ANZFA "Fact Sheet" on the Food Irradiation Fact Sheet page.

~ and see their Food Irradiation Links page for further information.

Contacts: or Mike Ennis, PO Box 9608, Wellington,

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