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How you can help PMA

16 May 2000

Kia ora,

Every few days, like you, I receive action alerts, updates, or "What's On" listings from Peace Movement Aotearoa via email. In the past twelve months, these action alerts and updates have covered a wide range of issues, including the referendum in East Timor and its terrible aftermath, demands for de-alerting of nuclear weapons, the conflict in Chechnya, the controversy over the F16 deal, globalisation and its consequences, and the effects of the sanctions on Iraq - all issues in which peace people are active, and in which PMA plays an important informing and coordinating role. And that's just a small selection of the issues PMA deals with.

If I had to select one issue to demonstrate PMA's effectiveness, it would be its response to events in East Timor following the independence vote late last year. PMA acted as a central point for the receipt and dissemination of information and action proposals to the many people who were working on the issue prior to and during the APEC Leaders' Meeting in Auckland. As a result, coordinated pressure was able to be put on the New Zealand and other governments for an effective response to the bloodshed perpetrated by the Indonesian Army and the militias.

Of course, Peace Movement Aotearoa's work isn't only about responding to crises. PMA also promotes events celebrating peace, such as the recent Peaceful Lives Celebration in Palmerston North, and works actively to promote peace in the community. A major example is our Schools Information Project, to provide resource kits on peace topics for secondary school students and teachers, which Roger Booth, our new Task Force Green worker, is now preparing.

But - you knew there'd be a but - the continuation of all these activities is threatened by our precarious financial position. PMA gets part of its income from donations and grants, and we are always happy to receive these, but the basis of PMA's income is our pledge scheme, in which PMA supporters make regular donations to us by automatic payments from their bank accounts. This gives us a reliable, predictable source of income.

I am writing to urge you (if you're not already a pledger - and if you are, thanks for your support!) to join the pledge scheme. You don't have to give much, although we won't object if you do, and you can choose the frequency of giving which best suits you. If you are interested in joining the pledge scheme, all you have to do is fill in the 'response slip' at the end of this message and email it back to PMA.

In return for becoming a pledger, you will become a member of PMA, get a copy of each year's Annual Report, and receive a full receipt for your contribution at the end of each financial year. PMA now has charitable status for tax purposes, which means that you can claim an income tax rebate on any donations (including pledges) of sums of more than $5.

By joining the PMA pledge scheme, you will be helping to ensure that our valuable work can continue and expand. Please give this request your favourable consideration.

Yours sincerely
Tim Jones
(for the PMA Working Group)

Response slip

Yes, I am interested in joining the PMA pledge scheme. Please send me further details and an automatic payment form.

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