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Palmerston North - Peaceful Lives Celebration 23 March 2000

Manawatu Peace 2000 Collective


Peaceful Lives Celebration

all welcome

9-30am to 12-30pm, Thursday 23 March, Science Centre, Palmerston North.

* Presenters :

Jill White, Mayor of Palmerston North, on her personal commitment to peace;

Bob Stewart on 'Toward a World of Peace: People Create Alternatives' on the International Conference on Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies;

Ephra Garret on Te Whiti, Parihaka and peaceful protest;

Neil Smith on his involvement in the community "since his real education began" after his imprisonment as a conscientious objector in 1945;

Jim Moriarty on his work, through drama, with prison inmates.

* Lunchtime - walk and talk in Te Marae o Hine with Archivist Ian Matheson and whanau leading a tour through Te Marae o Hine and The Square, bring your own lunch.

No charge, but donations will be gratefully received.

An International Year for the Culture of Peace event.

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