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National - what's on


~ 24 - 28 April - 'Just Peace?' conference, to be held at Massey’s Albany campus, check out

~ 1 May (MayDay2k) - a global day of action against capitalism is planned, in the spirit of the June 18 protests last year. For info on what is happening in Aotearoa, contact (for Wellington details, see also under ‘local’) or (Christchurch).

~ 6 - 8 July - ‘Treaty Conference 2000 and beyond’, to be held in Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland, contact Betsan Martin or Ingrid Huygens

~ NOTE for those of you who have the misfortune to live in parts of the country where ‘Comrade Savage’ by Alan Brunton will not be performed in the next few weeks (see Wellington, local listings) - the script of ‘Comrade Savage’, Red Mole's astonishing performance about the end of the socialist era in New Zealand, the country that invented the Welfare State, is now available. At $20 for full script + photos etc, an absolute bargain ! Get yours from Bumper Books, PO Box 7356, Wellington South.

***** LOCAL *****


~ 21 April to 25 April - something to avoid if you are a peaceful person, and something to keep your children well clear of - ‘Operation Te Papa’ - an ‘action-packed’ military extravaganza to persuade the populace at large that the armed forces are full of people having jolly japes and leading an adventurous life and who should be supported at all costs (especially with F16 warplanes if the letters in The Dominion over these past couple of weeks are anything to go by).

~ WEDS, 26 April - the last of the video showings in the lead up to May Day 2000 in Wellington, to promote awareness and discussion on topics related to free trade, the World Trade Organisation, G8 etc. - at the Aro St Community Centre from 5-15pm to 7pm. On 26 April -"June 18th" and "Reclaim the Streets" footage from the June 18 'Carnival against Capital" in London on the day of the G8 summit in Koln, Germany, also, a video about "Reclaim the Streets", an international (initially London-based) organisation that holds street parties / protests based around campaigns such as community action against motorways, in support of strikers etc.

~ WEDS, 26 April 2000 - The CTU Komiti Pasifika are holding a Pacific Island gathering concerning the Employment Relations Bill, Mark Gosche is guest speaker, 7-30pm to 9-30 pm at the Methodist church, Taranaki Street. For more info contact Paul Goulter, NZ Council of Trade Unions, Wellington, DDI Phone: (04) 802-3815.

~ THURS, 27 April - ‘East is East’ - the UK's most successful film of 1999, a comedy about the clash of cultures in 1970s Salford. For the 7 children of proud Pakistani chippie, George Khan (Ghengis to his kids), life is one long compromise. Meenah prefers playing footie to wearing a sari, Saleem pretends to be studying engineering when he's really at art school. Tariq is the town heart-throb and Sajid has not even been circumcised yet. For George it is an uphill battle to get his kids to confirm to his traditional Pakistani values as Mum is a loudmouthed Lancashire woman and all seven kids have minds of their own. 6-00pm for wine & cheese, 6-30pm - movie starts at The Rialto, (cnr Cable St & Jervois Quay), $15 per person. A fundraising event for the Refugee & Migrant Service, contact RMS on 384-6295, or 471-1932 for tickets or more info. The money raised from the film showing will be used for essential household items for a number of Somali and Ethiopian refugees who will be arriving in Wellington in May/June.

~ SAT, 29 April - Partnership 2000 Day - a community day to commemorate the early history of the Wellington region on the 160th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in Wellington. Starting with a dawn unveiling ceremony, more events follow throughout the day including bus, boat and walking tours around Petone and Wellington Harbour. Organised by Te Atiawa. For more info contact tel (04) 384 6417, for tour bookings tel (04) 577 8099.

~ SAT, 29 April - Earth Day celebrations ! The Campaign for a Better City (CBC) contribution to the Earth Day celebrations in Wellington is the 'Reclaim the Streets' party/picnic/protest starts 2pm at Civic Square. Come for a walk and fun - People not Cars !

~ SAT, 30 April, follow up to Partnership 2000 Day, ‘Where are we going to ?’ a workshop to begin exploring future working relationships based on Te Tiriti O Waitangi. Organised by Network Waitangi Wellington, for more info contact Catriona (04) 386 4408 or Anne (04) 472 6425 - please leave a message.

~ MON, 1 May - Timetable for May Day 2000 - 12 noon to 1-30pm, street party outside the Freedom Shop, 272 Cuba St, celebrating the 5th birthday of the anarchist bookshop... free food, drink and music; 2pm to 2-45pm - Food Not Bombs will be serving free food outside McDonalds, Manners Mall. (see for more information); 2-45pm - meet outside James Smith Market in Manners mall for leafletting against sweat shop labour conditions in clothing factories; 3pm - starting point for Carnival against Capitalism meets in Manners Mall; 4-30pm - meet for general protest against capitalism outside the Business Round Table. For more information

~ THURS, 4 May - Wellington Peace Lunch Forum - an informal lunch time session to exchange peace news, bring your lunch, your leaflets, your news and views, tea and coffee provided, 1 pm to 2pm on the first Thursday of each month at the PMA offices, Rooms 16 and 17, Trades Hall, 126 Vivian Street, Wellington. The May meeting will begin with a 20 minutes or so focus on nuclear disarmament, with a guest speaker from British CND, and an update on the NPT Review conference. If you are not able to attend in person, or live outside Wellington, you can send leaflets, notices, whatever you want to share to the lunch forum via PMA, PO Box 9314, Wellington, tel (04) 382 8129, fax (04) 382 8173,

~ TUES, 9 May - 'Confidentiality and Safety Issues when Working with Young People', 1pm to 4-30pm, St Johns Conference Centre, cnr Willis and Dixon Streets, more info from Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation, tel (04) 499 7532, fax (04) 499 7533, register by 1 May, $30 to be collected on the day.

~ WEDS, 10 May - Report back on ‘Just Peace ?’ conference, various speakers who attended, 6pm to 8pm at the Mezzanine Floor room, Wellington central library, tea/coffee.

~ WEDS, 10 May to SAT, 13 May - ‘Comrade Savage’ - a mesmerising theatrical epic about the Labour Party's first Prime Minister, Michael Joseph Savage - dissent, passion and betrayal in the Left during the first part of the twentieth century. Performed by an amazing ensemble + orchestra and directed by the author, Red Mole's Alan Brunton, at Studio 77, Department of Theatre and Film, Victoria University, Kelburn Parade. 8pm each night. Discounted tickets on 13 May for those booked into Making Waves Series no 1, see next listing.

~ SAT, 13 May & SUN, 14 May - Making Waves Series no 1 - ‘The Political Theatre Workshop - acts, acting, actions, activism’, featuring a wide range of fascinating women speakers, performers, and more. For more info contact Magdalena Aotearoa office (04) 385 0777 (leave message), or Sally Rodwell, (04) 383 6375.


~ WEDS, 26 April - presentation of a UNESCO Peace Builders Award to the Palmerston North community, in recognition of their peace work, especially that of the Manawatu Peace Collective who are planning at least one ‘occasion’ each month during the UN Year for a Culture of Peace.


~ WEDS, 17 May - launch of 'Thanks Not Spanks' by Mary Cornford, 7pm at One World Books, Karangahape Road. 'Thanks Not Spanks' is a new book about making child raising easier and parenting more rewarding, filled with easy to follow, practical suggestions. For more info contact Natasha Weightman, at The Peace Foundation, tel (09) 373 2379, fax (09) 379 2668,

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