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'Mapaki' and 'Te Whare Korowai'


"Mapaki" (broken)

"Mapaki" is a solo performance written and performed by Dianna Fuemana at the BATS Theatre. This piece is being directed by Hori Ahipene.

"Mapaki" is the Niuean word for broken. This is a powerful work about a Niuean women (Fisi) who is a victim of domestic violence and fantasy.

"Mapaki" seeks to explore the emotional fraility and questioning Fisi undertakes to overcome her abusive situation.

"Mapaki" is told in English and Niuean to bear its fullest fruits.

"Mapaki" was first performed as a work in progress at this years "Magdalena Aotearoa International Festival of Women's Performance" Circa Theatre March 99'

"Due to the honesty and intensity of this performance, which was so skilfully calibrated with humor, anger and sadness, and the clarity of the images created, there was no one who could not follow the story told, no one could remain unmoved"

Magdalena Aotearoa.

Venue : BATS Theatre, Kent Terrace, WELLINGTON

Bookings : 04 802 4176

Dates : 9 November- 13 November 5 NIGHTS ONLY

Time : 7pm

Cost : $15,12,10 group bookings of 10 or more

For Interviews and more information please contact or leave message for Dianna 04 384 7753


TE WHARE KOROWAI (The Cloakroom / The House of Cloaks)

Te Whare Korowai is a performance piece co-devised by the four women ensemble from Gisborne, Nga Tuahine. They are Rapai Te Hau, Tanya Mitcalfe, Valeta Mathais and Dale Ferris.

The enveloping folds of the Korowai (cloak) are tweaked aside to reveal lines traced on the journey of life, love and learning.

The Korowai is the giver of cosmic energy and is the vehicle for dreams, whakapapa and memories, but it is thrown aside to uncover the darker themes of childhood abuse, domestic violence, household drudgery and social isolation.

However we have woven our Korowai with threads of humour and brightly coloured feathers of satire and drama. Blends of original compositions are dispersed throughout the play, showcasing our writing abilities and stunning harmonies.

The story we tell are often familiar from families and fishing to the grief over a loss of a child, made even more so because it is put into a distinctly East Coast context, a rare and rewarding perspective.

Director Keren Rickard has produced a fastpaced, quickfire work which neatly sidesteps the temptation to be trite.

Maori Culture is a vital part of the work and Nga Tuahine treat it with the respect of belonging.

The ultimate message however is fairly universal, love hurts but you get to laugh at it later.

"...a simple but gutsy rendition of a women's lot from birth, through school, sexual predation, work in a shearing gang, marriage, motherhood, loss and separation to self discovery and return to her people to share her new found wisdom. Good humour, strong

heart and a compassionate soul overrode the odd simplistic note..." THE NATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW

VENUE: Bats Theatre

DATES : 10, 11 & 12 November 1999 THREE NIGHTS ONLY

TIME: 9.00PM Following Dianna Fuemana's performance, "MAPAKI"

COST: $15.00 waged

$ 12.00 beneficiaries / students

BOOKINGS: 04 8024176b

For more information please contact : Dale Ferris on 04 2927087 email :


Magdalena Aotearoa

PO Box 27-300


(04) 385-0777


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