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Peace and Security in the New Millennium

19 May 2000

Peace and Security in the New Millennium

How Can New Zealand Contribute?

Legislative Assembly Parliament

June 12th 2000 9 am – 5 pm.


8.30 – 9 .00 am Registration
9.00 am Welcome
9.05am Opening by Hon Phil Goff Minister of Foreign Affairs


A Foreign Policy for Peace

Dr Paul Hutchison MP

Dr Kate Dewes

Bryce Harland

Summarise: David Cunliffe MP

The Political agenda for New Zealand’s Foreign Policy for Peace

Panel Discussion - Facilitator Dr Andrew Ladley

Panel: Terence O’Brien

11.00 am

Morning Tea – Grand Hall
11.15 am Laws to Enforce Peace

New Zealand’s Commitment to and Obligations under an International framework of Law and Treaties for Peace

Panel Discussion - Facilitator: Dr Roderic Alley


Felicity Wong

Keith Locke MP

John Head

Dr Guy Wilson-Roberts

Summarise: Ben Keith


1.00 – 1.45 pm

Lunch - Grand Hall

1.45 pm

A Defence Strategy for Peace

New Zealand’s Defence Forces Contribution to Peace

Panel Discussion – Facilitator: Brig. Roger Mortlock


John Hayes

Three representatives from the Defence Forces

Anna Chartres

Summarise: Dr Jim Rolfe

3.15 pm

Afternoon Tea – Grand Hall

3.30 pm

A Culture for Peace

New Zealand’s development of an Agenda and Culture for Peace

Panel Discussion - Facilitator: Ian Johnstone

Panel: Judge Fred McElrea

Denis O’Reilly

Miranda Harcourt

Camilla Browne

Larry Ross

Summarise: Des Brough

Concluding Remarks: Dame Laurie Salas



Dr Andrew Ladley – Director of Parliamentary Coalition, Law Academic

Terence O’Brien – Academic VUW, Former Senior NZ Diplomat and Director of Centre Studies

Dr Kate Dewes – Disarmament and Security Centre Christchurch

Bryce Harland – Director NZ Inst of International Affairs, Former Senior NZ Diplomat

Dr Paul Hutchison MP – Founding member of IPPNW NZ

David Cunliffe MP for Titirangi, background Foreign Policy

Dr Rod Alley – Academic VUW Politics

Keith Locke – MP Foreign Affairs spokesperson Greens

Felicity Wong – International Law MFAT

John Head – Spokesperson NZ CALM Landmines campaign

Dr Guy Wilson–Roberts - Deputy Director Centre for Strategic Studies

Ben Keith – International Law Association

Brig. Roger Mortlock – Former NZ Defence Force Bougainville

Defence Force personnel

Anna Chartres – NZ young person at Gallipoli

John Hayes – Director South Pacific Division MFAT

Dr Jim Rolfe – Academic VUW, Defence specialist

Ian Johnstone – Media Commentator, Author

Judge Fred McElrea – District Court Judge – Key person in the development of Restorative Justice model.

Denis O’Reilly – Former Director Millennium Project, Strategic change consultant

Camilla Browne – Teacher, Soka Gakkai International NZ

Miranda Harcourt – Actor, Producer

Larry Ross – Instigator and Developer of NZ Nuclear Free Movement and Peacemaking Assn.

Des Brough – Educationalist, Chair National Consutative Committee on Disarmament

Dame Laurie Salas – Distinguished Peace Activist

Programme co-ordinators:

Robin Halliday and Ian Prior for Abolition 2000 and IPPNW NZ

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