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Real value women place on APEC

Media release, June 23, 1999

New Zealand as Chair of APEC this year intends to do all it can to advance the recommendations from the Women in APEC meeting, Prime Minister Jenny Shipley said today in Wellington as the meeting concluded.

"The communique of the 1999 Women Leaders' Network meeting, which outlines recommendations to APEC Leaders and Ministers, shows the real value women place on APEC.

"Women have recommended increasing the participation of women in business, increasing access to export markets, and simply making it easier to do business in the APEC region, which are all vital for women in business.

"The recommendations seek to increase the participation of women in business, increase access to export markets, improve competition, increase deregulation and develop skills.

"The Women in APEC meeting strongly supports APEC's desire to make it easier to trade, and to help member countries improve economic opportunities for their people.

"The women leaders see these objectives as central to the well-being of women throughout the region, and I am proud to have been part of this process on behalf of all women in New Zealand.

"Women still have most of the burden of raising children and keeping families secure and happy. Freeing up trade is helping them by making essential goods cheaper for families, and giving them more opportunities for employment.

"I am pleased that New Zealand brought a unique flavour to this meeting, bringing together indigenous business women for the first time for the Indigenous Women in Exporting Business seminar.

"In 1996 the APEC Leaders formally recognised, for the first time, women's role in the APEC economies.

"This September New Zealand as the APEC Chair will take the next step forward to recognising women's contribution to economic prosperity," said Mrs Shipley.


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