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Building Peace in Bougainville

Geoff Harris, Naihuwo Ahai, Rebecca Spence (editors)

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This book is a fascinating read for those with a specific interest in Bougainville, and also for anyone with an interest in peace building, physical and hearts / minds reconstruction after a long period of armed conflict. It includes thought provoking material on peace education in schools and different processes of reconciliation. Inspiring stuff - it is a truly excellent resource with papers on a variety of topics:

Part I Overview and Background

1 - Recovery from Armed Conflict in Bougainville : An Overview. Rebecca Spence, Naihuwo Ahai and Geoff Harris;

2 - What is Truth ? A Retrospect. W.R. Stent;

3 - Equitable Mining and Appropriate Development for a Secure Peace. Bert Jenkins;

4 - The Australian Role in Bougainville. Vikki John;

5 - The performance of the Australian Media in the Bougainville War. Max Watts;

Part II The Current Peace Process

6 - The Role of Bougainvillean Women in the War and the Peace Process, Marilyn Taleo Havini;

7 - The Peace Process and Political Reconstruction. Moses Havini;

8 - The Bougainville Peace Process: An Evaluation. Alan Weeks;

Part III The Short Term Tasks of Recovery

9 - Recovery from Armed Conflict: The Main Tasks. Geoff Harris;

10 - Recovery from Trauma in Bougainville. Simon Weber;

11 - Post-conflict Demobilisation and Reintegration of ex-Combatants. Neryl Lewis;

12 - Organising and Implementing Disarmament in Bougainville. Gayle Davies;

Part IV The Long Term Tasks of Recovery

13 - Grassroots Development Visions for a New Bougainville. Naihuwo Garry Ahai;

14 - A Proposed Peace Education for Schools in Bougainville: A Strategy for Peace Building. Naihuwo Ahai, Ille Illeperuma and Julienne Kaman;

15 - A Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Bougainville ? John Scott-Murphy;

16 - Which Way Forward ? Processes of Reconciliation. Rebecca Spence.

Selected Readings.

Published by the Centre for Peace Studies (University of New England, Australia) and the National Research Institute (Papua New Guinea), July 1999. A4 format, 167 pages.

Click here to see the order form, which you can print off from the website.

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