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References to women in the UN debate on international terrorism, WILPF, 1-5 October 2001

1-5 October 2001

The 56th Session of the United Nations General Assembly held a Special Session to debate "Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism" in the wake of the attacks on the United States. This debate took place over five days from October 1 - October 5, 2001 and 144 member states of the United Nations gave speeches.

In all of these speeches, where war, conflict, root causes of terrorism and the situation in Afghanistan was being discussed in detail, we could find only five references to women. They are listed below.

  • Afghanistan: statement by: Ambassador A. G. Ravan Farhadi, 4 October 2001

    ''The Taliban's belief and thoughts require Afghanistan to return to the middle ages. Everyone knows their harsh behavior against women and their hate of women's education.''

  • Bangladesh: statement by: Mr M. Shameem Ahsan, Minister and Charge D'affaires, 1 October 2001

    ''Our actions against terrorism should not in any way compromise the safety and well being of the innocent civilian populations, particularly women and children.''

  • Jamaica: statement by: Her Excellency Ms. M Patricia Durrant, Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations 1 October, 2001

    ''Terrorism, largely visits suffering upon innocent civilians, particularly women and children who are often killed, maimed or orphaned as a result.''

  • Slovenia: statement by: H.E. Ambassador Dr Ernest Petric, Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the United Nations 3 October, 2001

    ''Terrorism abhors dialogue and has no respect for the lives of others, not even for the lives of women and children.''

  • Kazakhstan: statement by: H.E. Ambassador Mrs Madina B. Jarbussynova, Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the United Nations 3 October, 2001

    ''As actions are taken against terrorists and their sponsors, we must make sure that the lives of thousands of women and girls in Afghanistan, who have suffered so terribly under the rule of Taliban, are saved and their plight not be forgotten. Afghan's women and girls should be at the center of the rebirth of the Islamic State of Afghanistan. They must finally gain their freedom and full rights and get the access to education and health care.''

Women's International League for Peace and Freedon, UN Office, New York.

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