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Open letter to the United States Embassy in Wellington

19 June 2002

Charles J. Swindells,
Ambassador for the United States,
29 Fitzherbert Tce,

Dear Ambassador Swindells,

The Green Party is disturbed at the report that President Bush has given authority for the CIA and Special Force units to enter Iraq and use "all possible tools" to overthrow the regime, including the power to kill Saddam Hussein "in self defence".

To in effect authorise Americans to assassinate Saddam Hussein is to lower yourself to his political level. The Iraqi dictator has often assassinated his political opponents.

The Green Party has no time for the repressive regime of Saddam Hussein, and we give moral support to the democrats in that country.

However, for the United States to take upon itself the right to overthrow that invade Iraq and murder its leader is to violate international law and civilised relations between countries.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Locke
Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

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